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Microchip AT697F

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Microchip AT697F - Rad-Hard 32 bit SPARC V8 processor

The AT697F is a highly integrated, high-performance 32-bit RISC embedded processor based on the SPARC V8 architecture. The implementation is based on the European Space Agency (ESA) LEON2 fault tolerant model. By executing powerful instructions in a single clock cycle, the AT697F achieves throughputs approaching 1MIPS per MHz, allowing the system designer to optimize power consumption versus processing speed.
The AT697F is designed to be used as a building block in computers for on-board embedded real-time applications. It brings up-to-date functionality and performance for space application. The AT697F only requires memory and application specific peripherals to be added to form a complete on-board computer.
The AT697F contains an Integer Unit (IU), a Floating Point Unit (FPU), separate instruction and data caches, a hardware multiplier and divider, an interrupt controller, two 32- bit timers and a watchdog, two UARTs, a general-purpose I/O interfaces, a PCI Interface and a flexible memory controller. The design is highly testable with support from an embedded Debug Support Unit (DSU) with trace buffers and a JTAG interface for boundary scan.
An idle mode holds the processor pipeline and allows Timer/Counter, Serial ports and Interrupt system to continue functioning. The processor is manufactured using the Microchip ATC18RHA CMOS process. It has been especially designed for space by implementing on-chip concurrent transient and permanent error detection and correction.

Key features

  • SPARC V8 High Performance Low-power 32-bit Architecture
    • 8 Register Windows
  • Advanced Architecture:
    • On-chip Amba Bus
    • 5 Stage Pipeline
    • 32 KB 4-way associative Instruction Cache
    • 16 KB 2-way associative Data Cache
  • On-chip Peripherals:
    • Memory Interface
      • PROM Controller
      • SRAM Controller
      • SDRAM Controller
    • Timers
      • Two 32-bit Timers
      • Watchdog 32-bit Timer
    • Two 8-bit UARTs
    • Interrupt Controller with 8 External Programmable Inputs
    • 32 Parallel I/O Interface
    • 33MHz PCI Interface Compliant with 2.2 PCI Specification
  • See Datasheet for more Features

Block diagram

Microchip AT697F block diagram