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Lumileds LUXEON Z Color

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LUXEON Z Color Line - high power color LEDs in a micro footprint package for ultimate design flexibility

LUXEON Z Color Line comprises a broad portfolio of LEDs that enable never before seen lumen density, flexibility and freedom of design. Available in the full spectrum of colors from 440nm to 670nm, including Lime, enabling highly efficient color mixing with a convenient above-blackbody color point. The LUXEON Z Color Line is ideal for entertainment and stage lighting, indoor and outdoor architectural lighting, emergency vehicle lighting, remote phosphor applications and a wide spectrum of specialty lighting applications.

Features & benefits​

  • Broad selection spanning 440–670nm, including a unique Lime color
  • 2.2mm² footprint enables unique arrangements in space constrained applications
  • 4-up RGBW pixel in 9.5mm² — four colors in less area than one regular high power color emitter
  • Undomed design allows better optical management
  • Enables customizable light sources: linear, rectangular, circular


  • Architectural
  • Lamps
  • Specialty
Lumileds LUXEON Z Color Line product image