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Lumileds LUXEON HR30

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Lumileds LUXEON HR30 - superior lumen maintenance and corrosion resistance in punishing conditions

LUXEON HR30 is specifically designed and tested for use in the most demanding environments and conditions. With upgraded packaging using industry-best materials, LUXEON HR30 is the only product in its class that provides robustness and long lifetime in high temperature and chemical vapor environments. The exceptional reliability and leading performance makes LUXEON HR30 an efficient solution for a wide variety of extreme and harsh indoor applications, like natatoriums.

Features & benefits​​​​​

  • Gold plated lead frame package with high reflectance SMC housing for exceptional reliability and lifetime in the most extreme conditions
  • Proven resistant to chemical environments with IEC68-2-43 (15ppm), DLOP <10%, Du’v’ <0.006 after 21 days
  • Resistant to common chemical environments, such as high chlorine sulfur areas
  • 1/5th micro-color binning enables tight color control
  • Targeted lifetime in excess of 100K hours at 150mA, Ts=105°C


  • High Bay & Low Bay
  • Indoor Area Lighting
    • Natatoriums
  • Outdoor
    • Chemical Environments
    • Industrial Lamps and Fixtures
  • Specialty Lighting
Lumileds LUXEON HR30 product image