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Lumileds LUXEON 3535L Colors Title (MT)

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Lumileds LUXEON 3535L Colors

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LUXEON 3535L Colors - color LEDs that deliver the perfect amount of color you need

The LUXEON C Colors Line is an optically advanced portfolio of Color and White LEDs. Designed for flawless color mixing, LUXEON C Colors Line has one focal length for all colors, which provides consistent radiation patterns from secondary optics and maximizes optical efficiency. With low dome design, it keeps effective source size small while still improving light extraction. Designed for smooth color mixing and maximum punch, LUXEON C Colors Line is the optimal LED solution for architecture, emergency vehicle lighting and horticulture lighting applications.

Features & benefits​

  • One focal length allows flawless color mixing, maximum optical efficiency and removes halos
  • Low dome design eliminates trade-offs between flux and source size
  • Hot tested—removes guesswork for designers
  • Industry’s lowest thermal resistance means greater light output and lower heatsink costs
  • Small symmetrical 2x2mm² package enables dense packing and limits the impact of rotation during reflow


  • Architectural & Entertainment
  • Lamps
    • Color Tunable Illumination
  • Specialty
    • Emergency Vehicle
    • Signage
Lumileds LUXEON 3535L Colors product samples

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