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Infineon voltage regulators

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Infineon voltage regulators

Infineon launched two new voltage regulator families targeting automotive applications. New products offer wide input voltage range (2.75V to 40) and very low quiescent 5µA - 40µA (e.g. for systems connected permanently to battery). Its new loop concept combines fast regulation and very good stability requiring only one small ceramic output capacitor of 1µF.

Both families are designed to be operational in harsh automotive environment and implement automotive specific feature sets. To improve further stability and robustness products were designed and tested with LV124 requirements flow, which is unique and helps to improve quality in the field and minimize design effort and cost.

Key features

  • Ultra-low drop voltage
  • Ultra-low quiescent current
  • Excellent line transient
  • Extended operating range (3V to 40V)
  • Very fast regulation loop
  • Watchdog, Reset features


  • Suitable for very low cranking (stop and start)
  • Energy efficiency -Save battery life
  • Design for harsh automotive environment
  • Stable operation during cranking or other input voltage variations
  • Smaller output cap
  • Ease of use for automotive power design


  • Automotive General Modules
  • Powertrain
  • Body & Convenience
  • Active Antenna
  • Safety Applications E-Mobility
  • Motor Control
  • Data Processing
  • Automation

Block diagrams

Infineon voltage regulators block diagrams