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mbed with Avnet Silica

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ARM mbed - the IoT device platform

ARM® mbed™ is the IoT Device Platform form the leading company in the connected world. Almost 15 billion ARM based chips were shipped just last year. mbed is a full platform that includes mbed OS and advanced rtos for Cortex-M chips, which are based on Keil RTX. The platform also provides communications stack and advanced security.

mbed OS is supported by the major silicon vendors, making it easy to find a development board that suits customer needs. STMicroelectronics has a full-range of mbed-ready development boards. mbed is also supported by a great online community, where users are sharing code, ideas and discuss freely about it.

One part of the mbed ecosystem is the mbed cloud. mbed Cloud is an ARM solution for device management. It covers services like firmware updates or device provisioning. In order to integrate advanced services like business analytics, the mbed cloud can be consolidated with other Cloud solution providers like Microsoft, IBM or Amazon. mbed cloud is not restricted to mbed OS, it also supports other OSes like FreeRTOS or Linux.

Avnet Silica is official ARM mbed partner, providing you skilled technical resources, easy to use Avnet development boards and customer hands-on workshops, to effortlessly take your application to the cloud.Avnet Silica is launching customer hands-on workshop series in 2017, offering you a great chance to learn more about STMicroelectronics, ARM mbed and the benefits they can bring to your applications and business.

Software platform

  • Core: RTOS and hardware abstractions for target and toolchain portability
  • Connectivity: Networking and communications
  • Security: Built-in device and communications security
  • Tools: Open build, test and workflow tools with support for 3rd party tools
  • Devices: Remote manageability (with provisioning and firmware update)
    • Supports ARM mbed cloud device management service out of the box

Ecosystem platform

  • Open Source colaboration with developers and partners (Apache 2, GitHub)
  • Developers.mbed.com - Developer website for scalable community support and colaboration
    • Target and Component database, support tools, partner portal and channel to developers
  • Consistent abstraction across disparate hardware provides gearing effect for contributors

mbed OS securitymbed OS security threats

  • Covers three main types of threats
  • Security of system, including the ability to provision, manage and update devices (e.g. security fix)
  • Security of communications between device and cloud services
  • Security and integrity of the device by protecting itself from untrusted or malicious code

mbed products in context

ARM mbed block diagram

ARM mbed simplified block diagram


STM32L Ultra-low-power MCUs

Ultra-low-power ARM ® Cortex ® -M4 32-bit MCU+FPU, 100DMIPS, up to 256KB Flash, 64KB SR AM, USB FS, LCD, analog, audio