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Avnet Silica product highlights

Below please find all current Avnet Silica featured Product Highlights from our leading-edge manufacturers.

Prod STMicroelectronics STM32MP1 (RM)

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STM32MP1 series

Embedding a dual Arm® Cortex®-A7, a Cortex®-M4 and a 3D GPU, the STM31MP1's flexible architecture allows high processing and real-time tasks in a single chip.

STMicroelectronics sTM31MP1 Chip Image

Prod AVS Microsoft Maximum IoT Security (RM)

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Avnet Silica & Microsoft

Azure Sphere - Go for Maximum IoT Security

A new class of crossover Azure Sphere MCUs, from our silicon partners, with built-in Microsoft security technology provide connectivity, high performance, and a secured hardware root of trust.

Prod Diodes Timing Solutions (RM)

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Diodes Inc.

Total Timing Solutions

Diodes' crystal and oscillator solutions (frequency control products) are vertically integrated and built within our own factories to ensure best-in-class quality and cost.

Prod Renesas Synergy Platform S5D3 (RM)

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Synergy™ Platform – S5D3 Microcontroller Group

The S5D3 adds a new tier to the S5 MCU group for applications that require a high-performance Cortex M4F core but doesn’t require on-chip graphic acceleration or Ethernet connectivity.

Renesas S5D3 Synergy chip image

Maxim Integrated


The MAX77860 is a high-performance single input switch mode charger that features USB Type-C CC detection capability in addition to reverse boost capability and a Safeout LDO.

Prod Maxim MAX16126 MAX16127 (RM)

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Maxim Integrated

MAX16126 / MAX16127

The MAX16126/MAX16127 load-dump/reverse-voltage protection circuits protect power supplies from damaging input voltage conditions, including overvoltage, reverse-voltage, and high-voltage transient pulses.

Prod ON Semi Wide Band Gap Technology (RM)

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ON Semiconductor

Wide Band Gap Technology

Wide Band Gap semiconductor technologies bring significant enabling benefits and enhanced reliability to important high-growth end application areas.

ON Semiconductor Wide Band Gap technology product sample image


Point-of-Load Solutions for FPGA

IRPS5401M - PMBus multi-output PMIC for next generation FPGA/SoC from 10 W to 50 W

Infineon IRPS540M

Prod ON Semi Transform Your Thinking (RM)

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ON Semiconductor

Transform Your Thinking

With faster design cycles and increased competition, you need more than parts. You deserve solutions.

ON Semiconductor Transform Your Thinking teaser image

Prod Nexperia Automotive Solutions (RM)

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Automotive Solutions

Consistently delivering the right functionality, with the right performance, in the right package is how Nexperia is helping ‘driving efficiency’ win.

Prod Automotive 48V electrical system and loads (RM)

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48V electrical system and loads

The 48V electrical system is the key technology for electrification, ADAS and new comfort features, allowing traditional Tiers to provide additional features and services apart from supporting pure hardware only.

Maxim Integrated


The MAX14914 is a high-side/push-pull driver that operates as both an industrial digital output (DO) and an industrial digital input (DI). The MAX14914 is specified for operation with supplies up to 40V.

Prod Infineon Pumps and Fans (RM)

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Solutions for Pumps and Fans

Take a look at Infineon’s broad portfolio of solutions with power levels ranging from 60 W to 3 kW in a range of different topologies.

Infineon CoolGaN™ 600 V



Built on the NXP i.MX6UL UltraLite application processor, the CC6UL module is the intelligent communication engine for today’s secure connected devices.



Arm® Cortex® -M33 based microcontroller series for mass market, leveraging 40nm Embedded Flash technology with TrustZone

NXP LPC5500 product image

Prod Western Digital Industrial microSD cards (RM)

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Western Digital

IX QD 334 – high endurance microSD

Western Digital Industrial Grade SD and microSD cards deliver edge storage solutions for industrial applications requiring high reliability, durability, and high intensity recording, across a wide range of operational requirements.

Western Digital Industrial Micro SD Cards