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Avnet Silica product highlights

Below please find all current Avnet Silica featured Product Highlights from our leading-edge manufacturers.



Arm® Cortex® -M33 based microcontroller series for mass market, leveraging 40nm Embedded Flash technology with TrustZone

NXP LPC5500 product image

Prod Western Digital Industrial microSD cards (RM)

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Western Digital

IX QD 334 – high endurance microSD

Western Digital Industrial Grade SD and microSD cards deliver edge storage solutions for industrial applications requiring high reliability, durability, and high intensity recording, across a wide range of operational requirements.

Western Digital Industrial Micro SD Cards

Maxim Integrated


The MAXREFDES212 is a next-generation industrial IO solution that increases productivity, furthers adaptive manufacturing, and provides machine-level health and status information for making critical, real-time decisions.

Maxim Integrated Go-IO PLC board image

Prod Xilinx Ultra96 Board (RM green title)

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Avnet & Xilinx

Ultra96 development board

Ultra96™ is an ARM-based, Xilinx Zynq UltraScale+™ MPSoC development board based on the Linaro 96Boards specification.

Xilinx Ultra96 board image

Prod Renesas Synergy Platform S5D3 (RM)

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Synergy™ Platform – S5D3 Microcontroller Group

The S5D3 adds a new tier to the S5 MCU group for applications that require a high-performance Cortex M4F core but doesn’t require on-chip graphic acceleration or Ethernet connectivity.

Renesas S5D3 Synergy chip image

Prod Avnet Multi-Camera Solution (RM)

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Maxim | ON Semi | Xilinx

Artificial Intelligence Accelerates Your Multi-Camera Solution

Avnet Silica offers embedded vision solutions bundled with tools and reference designs to minimize development time in creating autonomous vision systems.

Quad AR0231AT Camera FMC Bundle

Prod Renesas Power Management and Analog (RM)

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Power Management and Analog

Check out Renesas‘ broad Analog and Power Solutions Portfolio

Renesas ISL850xx series product portfolio

Prod STMicroelectronics STEVAL-BFA001V1B (RM)

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The STEVAL-BFA001V1B is an industrial reference design kit designed for condition monitoring (CM) and predictive maintenance (PdM).

STMicroelecontrics STEVAL-BFA001V1B kit image


Point-of-Load Solutions for FPGA

IRPS5401M - PMBus multi-output PMIC for next generation FPGA/SoC from 10 W to 50 W

Infineon IRPS540M

Prod Infineon CoolGaN 600 V (RM)

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CoolGaN™ 600 V e-mode HEMTs and GaN EiceDRIVER™ ICs

Perfectly combinable with parts of the dedicated, single-channel, functional and reinforced isolated GaN EiceDRIVER™ IC family. Enter a new era of efficiency with Infineon.

Infineon CoolGaN™ 600 V


AE-CLOUD2 Evaluation Kit

The Renesas Synergy™ AE-CLOUD2 enables rapid evaluation, prototyping and development of global LTE IoT cellular cloud connected applications using the Synergy Platform.

Renesas AE-CLOUD2 evaluation kit

ON Semiconductor

Energy efficient IoT - from sensor to cloud

To design and deploy the most energy efficient IoT solutions, you need a wide array of industrial-grade options - from connectivity to sensing, control and power management solutions.

Prod Maxim Himalaya uSLIC power modules (RM)

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Maxim Integrated

Himalaya uSLIC Power Modules

Smallest packages available, while accepting a wide input voltage from 4.0V to 60V - new modules available.

STMicroelectornics STM32L4+ chip image

Maxim Integrated


The MAX14914 is a high-side/push-pull driver that operates as both an industrial digital output (DO) and an industrial digital input (DI). The MAX14914 is specified for operation with supplies up to 40V.

Automotive Sensors

Sharper Senses - Sharper Portfolio

Advanced sensing techniques make cars safer for their occupants and other road-users.

Avnet Silica Auomotive - Sharper Senses

Prod STMicroelectronics MEMS Sensors (RM)

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MEMS sensors set the pace for Industry 4.0

STMicroelectronics offers a broad portfolio of MEMS sensor solutions for high performance and quality devices designed for industrial applications.

STMicroelectornics STEVAL-MKI186V1