New Product Introduction

Western Digital eMMC and UFS for Automotive applications

Automotive iNAND Embedded Flash Drives – UFS iNAND® AT EU312 UFS 2.1 and iNAND® AT EM132 e.MMC 5.1: reliable flash storage for connected and autonomous cars

Western Digital iNAND EU312 ZA Automotive UFS - 256 GB product sample

iNAND® AT EU312 Embedded Flash Drive

High-performance and high-reliability Automotive UFS 2.1 flash drive with 3D NAND technology for tomorrow’s demanding automotive applications. The iNAND® AT EU312 UFS embedded storage solution is designed for harsh environments and demanding requirements for e-cockpit and autonomous drive. Building on the success of our e.MMC automotive products, this automotive grade UFS product provides up to 2.5x higher performance and adds higher capacities compared to Western Digital’s current 2D automotive e.MMC offering with the quality and reliability automotive customers have come to expect from Western Digital.

Built for advanced applications such as ADAS, sensor fusion and artificial intelligence, the higher capacities and greater performance of the Western Digital iNAND AT EU312 EFD will allow customers to boot faster and process the larger amounts of real-time data required in next generation advanced applications.

iNAND® AT EU312 UFS 2.1

High Performance

  • Up to 550MB/s Write
  • Up to 800MB/s Read
  • Up to 450K Read IOPs


  • High Capacity (16GB-256GB) 
  • Reduces Cell-to-Cell interference
  • More Electrons per charge trap layer
  • Quality & Reliability


  • Strong ECC
  • Designed for reliability
  • Low DPPM manufacturing flow
  • Vertical integration

Product Features

  • UFS 2.1 + UFS 3.0 automotive features
  • AEC grade 2 & 3
  • Extended data retention


iNAND® AT EM132 Automotive Embedded Flash Drive

Automotive grade e.MMC 5.1 EFD offering high quality and reliability with capacities up to 256GB to address the growing storage requirements of the smart cars of the future.

iNAND® AT EM132 e.MMC EFD, powered by Western Digital’s reliable 3D NAND technology, is optimized for the harsh automotive environments and demanding use cases of the connected and autonomous cars. This latest e.MMC product offers the capacity, quality, and reliability needed for the evolving automotive market driving the technology innovation at full speed.

Designed for advanced applications such as autonomous drive, artificial intelligence and advanced infotainment, iNAND AT EM132 EFD is available in both grade 3 and grade 2 temperature ranges and offers an advanced automotive feature set to enable the next generation use cases in a car.

Western Digital EM132 ZA Automotive e.MMC - 256GB product sample

iNAND® AT EM132 e.MMC 5.1

First 3D NAND e.MMC

  • Capacity up to 256GB
  • Extends life of e.MMC with a cost-efficient solution
  • 3D benefits: Reduced cell-to-cell interference, more electrons per charge trap layer

Automotive Reliability

  • Vertical Integration
  • Enterprise class ECC, robust automotive package, special trim & manufacturing flow 
  • Alpha particle protection
  • AEC-Q100 compliance, IATF16949

Automotive Features

  • Advanced Health Report
  • Smart Partitions
  • Refresh feature
  • Robust power management
  • Extended DR spec
  • Thermal management



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