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STMicroelectronics STSPIN32F0602

STSPIN32F0602 - 600V three-phase controller with MCU

STMicroelectronics STSPIN32F0602 - top and bottom side of MCU

The STSPIN32F060x system-in-package is an extremely integrated solution for driving three-phase applications, helping designers to reduce PCB area and overall bill-of-material.

It embeds an STM32F031x6x7 featuring an ARM® 32-bit Cortex®-M0 CPU and a 600 V triple half-bridge gate driver, able to drive N-channel power MOSFETs or IGBTs.

A comparator featuring advanced smartSD function is integrated, ensuring fast and effective protection against overload and overcurrent.

The high-voltage bootstrap diodes are also integrated, as well as anti cross-conduction, deadtime and UVLO protection on both the lower and upper driving sections, which prevents the power switches from operating in low efficiency or dangerous conditions. Matched delays between low and high-side sections guarantee no cycle distortion.

The integrated MCU allows performing FOC, 6-step sensorless and other advanced driving algorithms including the speed control loop.



  • Three-phase gate drivers
    • High voltage rail up to 600 V
    • Driver current capability:
      • STSPIN32F0601: 200/350 mA source/sink current
      • STSPIN32F0602:1/0.85 A source/sink current
    • dV/dt transient immunity ±50 V/ns
    • Gate driving voltage range from 9V to 20V
  • 32-bit ARM® Cortex®-M0 core:
    • Up to 48 MHz clock frequency
    • 4-Kbyte SRAM with HW parity
    • 32-Kbyte Flash memory with option bytes used for write/readout protection
  • 21 general-purpose I/O ports (GPIO)
  • 6 general-purpose timers
  • 12-bit ADC converter (up to 10 channels)
  • I2C, USART and SPI interfaces
  • Matched propagation delay for all channels
  • Integrated bootstrap diodes
  • Comparator for fast over current protection
  • UVLO, Interlocking and deadtime functions
  • Smart shutdown (smartSD) function
  • Standby mode for low power consumption
  • On-chip debug support via SWD
  • Extended temperature range: -40 to +125 °C



  • Home and Industrial refrigerators compressors
  • Industrial drives, pumps, fans
  • Air conditioning compressors & fans
  • Corded power tools, garden tools
  • Home appliances
  • Industrial automation 

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