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STMicroelectronics IPS160HF and IPS161HF

The IPS160HF (Iout = 2.4A) and IPS161HF (Iout = 0.6A) are monolithic devices which can drive capacitive, resistive or inductive loads with one side connected to ground.

STMicroelectronics STSPIN32F0602 - top and bottom side of MCU

The 60 V operating range and Ron = 60 mΩ, combined with the extended diagnostic (Open Load, Over Load, Overtemperature) and the < 60 us propagation delay time at startup (enabling Class 3 for interface types C and D), make the ICs suitable to address safety applications targeting higher SIL levels.

The built-in overload and thermal shutdown protections guarantee the ICs, the application and the load against electrical and thermal overstress.
Furthermore, in order to minimize the power dissipation when the output is shorted, a low-dissipative short-circuit protection (cut-off) is implemented to limit the output average current value and consequent device overheating.

Cut-off delay time can be set by soldering an external capacitor or disabled by a resistor on pin 4 (CoD).
The DIAG common diagnostic open drain pin reports the open load in off-state, cut-off (overload) and thermal shutdown.


  • 8 V to 60 V operating voltage range
  • Minimum output current limitation: 0.7A (IPS161HF) or 2.5A (IPS160HF)
  • Short propagation delay at start-up
  • Fast demagnetization of inductive load
  • Non-dissipative short-circuit protection (cut-off)
  • Programmable cut-off delay time using external capacitor
  • Ground disconnection protection
  • VCC disconnection protection
  • Thermal shutdown protection
  • Undervoltage lock-out
  • Diagnostic signalization for: open load in off-state, cut-off and junction thermal shutdown
  • Designed to meet IEC 61131-2
  • PowerSSO12 package


  • Safety applications
  • Programmable logic control
  • Industrial PC peripheral input/output
  • Numerical control machines


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