New Product Introduction

Renesas M3000 MRAM

M3000 MRAM family - High-speed, high-performance 108 MHz non-volatile RAM

Renesas M30xx MRAM in 8-pad WSON package

The MRAM family of high-speed, high-performance 108 MHz non-volatile RAM offers superior reliability and greater than 20-year data retention. It does not require backup battery or capacitor(s) compared to non-volatile SRAM. The M30xx supports quad SPI SDR & DDR interfaces and operates from -40°C to +105°C (industrial plus version) and is available in SOIC or WSON package. The MRAM devices are ideal for high-speed, non-volatile memory applications such as program storage and data backup.


Key features

  • High endurance, more than 10E16 cycles
  • Long data retention, more than 20 years
  • Fast read and write, no wait writes
  • Data protection with hardware protect mode (HPM), user programmable/lockable special NVM, and software protect mode (SPM)
  • No battery backup required



  • Industrial control and monitoring
    Storage uses include real-time data storage and fast back-up data retrieval and machine operation program code.
  • Multifunction printers
    Control code and user settings storage, usage data logs for maintenance scheduling, and cache buffer for retrieval of individual transactions
  • Robotics
    Control codes, configuration files, and settings. In general, the larger the non-volatile memory, the greater number of instructions the robot can execute.
  • Data switches and routers
    Store system configurations, user settings, and firmware. Security and authentication settings are also stored.
  • Hearing aids
    Store different user operating settings in varying activities and acoustic responses preferred by the user. Settings preferred by the user, such as volume level and audio frequencies under different use and ambient conditions, are stored and activated.
  • Data drives
    MRAM will soon be widely implemented into solidstate dries (SSDs). It will replace DRAM memory to remove large supercapacitors that make the DRAM non-volatile, and reduce the size of drives.

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