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Renesas Evaluation System for Stepping Motor with Resolver

Evaluation System for Stepping Motor with Resolver solution kit allows you to easily evaluate and study the RX family and resolver to digital converter (RDC) ICs provided by Renesas.

Renesas Evaluation System for stepping motor with Resolver

The Evaluation System for Stepping Motor with Resolver is a motor control evaluation kit. This product has a resolver/digital converter IC manufactured by Renesas Electronics, which enables high resolution position control in combination with the motor with a resolver supplied with this product.

The product is equipped with various external device interfaces, which enables you to start the evaluation of the stepping motor with a resolver immediately by connecting a general motor control device.

In addition, this product supports the support tool for motor control development manufactured by Renesas Electronics (Renesas Motor Workbench). Renesas Motor Workbench can display internal variables of a microcontroller in waveform in real time and automatically extract vector control parameters, which enables efficient software development.



  • High-precision motor control is possible even in harsh environments with heat, dust, or vibration.
  • Realize high-precision control at low cost using a new type of resolver control with superlative cost performance.
  • Resolver signal gain, phase, and angle error are automatically corrected through the driver API that can be used in combination with an RX MCU to achieve high precision.
  • Solution kit (Evaluation system for stepping motor with resolver) are available in cooperation with Minebea-Mitsumi Inc. This solution includes Minebea-Mitsumi stepping motor, Renesas ICs (RX24T, RDC-IC, Gate drive, RS485 driver, MOSFET and Regulator), software, development kits, and development support tools for resolver control and motor control.



  • High Torque characteristics: 2 to 3 times as much torque compared to existing products due to no step-out control
  • Control characteristics: able to drive at broadband and ultra-low speeds 
  • Low power consumption: current optimization by servo control that responds to the actual load
  • High precision: high position precision achieved by high resolution of 200,000 P/R
  • Environmental resistance: highly resistant to heat, dust, and vibration due to its simple structure
  • Miniaturization: the high torque of these motors makes miniaturizing application products possible
  • Easy Evaluation by solution kit: All items necessary for controlling a stepping motor with resolver are provided, User able to evaluate its performance immediately.



  • Industrial small arm robot
  • X-Y Stage 
  • Electric slider
  • Electric gripper
  • Industrial sewing machine
  • Industrial pump
  • Industrial microscope
  • Textile machine
  • Assist robot
  • AGV(Automated Guided Vehicle)
  • 3D printer
  • Money processing machine
  • OA equipment applications
  • Medical equipment applications


Block diagram

Motor control configuration

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