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Renesas 8V97003 mmWave RF Synthesizer

The 8V97003 from Renesas is a high-performance wide-band microwave synthesizer for 5G, broadband wireless and test and measurement application.

Renesas 8V97003 mmWave RF Synthesizer - front side

The 8V97003 generates output frequencies up to 18GHz from an integrated Voltage Controlled Oscillator (VCO) offering an octave of frequency tuning range. The device offers a high-performance 32-bit fractional feedback divider and an output divider to allow users to fully benefit from the wideband characteristics of the VCO.


Key features

  • 171.875-18,000MHz frequency range
  • Very low output phase noise
    •  36fs RMS at 20kHz-100MHz integration range (integer mode)
  • High output power: 10dBm at 12GHz
  • Figure of merit: -236dBc/Hz



  • Flexibility in supporting multiple application clock frequencies
  • Improved radio system characteristics (range, EVM, SNR, bit error rate)
  • Higher ENOB  in data sampling applications
  • Can make external output amplifier circuits redundant



  • Wireless infrastructure radio, incl.
    • 5G
    • AAS and beam forming
    • mmWave
  • Reference clock for high-speed ADC/DAC incl. RF-DAC
  • Instrumentation/Industrial
  • Reference clock in radar, tactical radio


Block diagram

Renesas 8V97003 mmWave RF Synthesizer block diagram


8V97003 Evaluation board

The 8V97003-EVK evaluation board is designed to enable customers to evaluate the functionality and performance of the Wideband 18GHz RF and Microwave Synthesizer. The 8V97003 device on the evaluation board can be programmed and configured via a PC-based GUI, called Timing Commander, to generate an output frequency from 171.875MHz to 18GHz with very low phase noise and RMS phase jitter.
Top view of Renesas' 8V97003 Evaluation Board

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