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ON Semiconductor SPM®31 Mini DIP Family

SPM®31 Mini DIP Family - Highly integrated module with optimized components

Pins on the bottom side of ON Semi's IPM package

The SPM®31 series is a fully-integrated inverter power module consisting of an independent High side gate driver, LVIC, six IGBT’s and a temperature sensor, suitable for driving permanent magnet synchronous (PMSM) motors, brushless DC(BLDC) motors and AC asynchronous motors.

The IGBT’s are configured in a three-phase bridge with separate emitter connections for the lower legs for maximum flexibility in the choice of control algorithm.

The power stage has under-voltage lockout protection (UVP). 
Internal boost diodes are provided for high side gate boost drive.



  • 3-Phase IGBT Inverter with Integral Gate Drivers and Protection
    • 650V: 20A~50A
    • 1200V: 5A~20A
  • Superior thermal performance and low loss 
  • Very low thermal resistance with DBC substrate
  • Built-in real NTC on DBC(Option) ,bootstrap diodes
  • Single-Grounded Power Supply
  • Isolation Rating: 2500 Vrms / 1 min


  • Highly integrated module with optimized components
  • High efficient and high robust product
  • High reliability, minimize system size
  • Easy peripheral layout & stable operation
  • Simplify peripheral PCB layout
  • UL1557 certification


  • Industrial Drives
  • Industrial Pumps
  • Industrial Fans
  • Industrial Inverters
  • Industrial Automation



1200V line up

Product Voltage Current VCE(SAT) typ. Substrate
NFAM0512L5B(T) 1200V 5A (1.8) DBC(Al2O3)
NFAM1012L5B(T) 1200V 10A (1.8) DBC(Al2O3)
NFAM2012L5B(T) 1200V 20A (1.8) DBC(Al2O3)


650V line up

Product Voltage Current VCE(SAT) typ. Substrate
NFAM2065L4B(T) 650V 20A (1.65) DBC(Al2O3)
NFAM3065L4B(T) 650V 30A 1.65 DBC(Al2O3)
NFAM5065L4B(T) 650V 50A 1.65 DBC(Al2O3)

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