New Product Introduction

Nexperia GaN FETs

Gallium Nitride FETs from Nexperia - efficient and effective high-power FETs

Nexperia's GaN FETs in TO-247/SOT429 package - front and back side

Whether designing a motor drive/controller for the next generation of battery-electric vehicles, or a power supply for the latest 5G telecommunication networks, Nexperia’s GaN FETs will be key to your solution. Offering high power performance and high-frequency switching, the design and structure of Nexperia's normally-off GaN FET products ensure standard, low-cost gate drivers can be used in your design.


Key features

  • VDS : 650 V
  • Threshold voltage: +4 V
  • Transient over voltage V DS : 800 V
  • VGS range: 20 V



  • Easy to drive
  • Inherently safe against parasitic turn on
  • Reduced losses in reverse conduction mode
  • Ultra low Qrr for fast switching
  • Transient over voltage capability
  • Robust gate oxide


  GAN063-650WSA GGAN041- 650WSB
VDS 650 V 650 V
RDS(on) Max 60 mΩ 41 mΩ
Package TO-247 (SOT429) TO-247 (SOT429)
Production release February 2019 Q4 2020
Samples available Now Q2 2020


Topologies & applications


  • Totem Pole PFC
  • Multiphase inverters


  • Server & Telecom Power supplies
  • Battery Storage & UPS
  • Industrial automation
  • OBC & DC DC


Developing for the future

Nexperia  remains focussed on the development of very high reliability-high quality power GaN FETs, with continued development in:

  • Automotive qualification
  • 900 V and upwards
  • Half-bridge package solutions
  • Clip-bond packaging
  • Bare die


Block diagram

Block diagram for Nexperia's GaN FET


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