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Infineon TLF35584QVVS1

TLF35584QVVS1 - multiple output system supply for safety-relevant applications supplying 5V-μC, transceivers, and sensors

Infineon TLF35584QVVS1 product sample and PRO SIL trademark

The TLF35584 is a multiple output system supply for safety-relevant applications supplying 5V-μC, transceivers, and sensors by an efficient and flexible pre-/post-regulator concept over a wide input voltage range. The wide switching frequency range allows optimization in respect of efficiency and usage of small filter components. A dedicated reference-regulator supplies the ADC independent from μC-load steps and acts as tracking-source for the 2 independent sensor-supplies. The flexible state machine, wake-up concept including timer, and the stand-by-regulator favors the usage in numerous applications.

Multiple safety features enable easy realization of ASIL-D together with various Microcontrollers (μCs). The TLF35584 is coming in small, thermally enhanced VQFN-48 (QV-version) capable for automated optical inspection.

Functional safety:

The device is PRO-SIL™ ISO26262-compliant and fulfils the properties required by the ISO26262 (Automotive Safety) Standard (for more info visit

Required safety integrity functions to reach  ASIL-D efficiently on system level are already implemented: UV/OV-monitoring of all rails with independent reference, detecting dependent fail¬ures by flexible watchdog-concept, monitoring of μC’s safety management unit, and a safe state controller providing secondary safety paths. A built-in self-test is ensuring the proper function of the relevant safety features. All features are perfectly aligned to the Infineon’s AURIX™-requirements, but are extended to support other μCs as well. All safety-relevant configurations are protected and can only be changed by special, successfully performed unlock/lock-sequence.

Furthermore PRO-SIL™ ISO26262-compliant product development follows a product specific safety plan defined by Infineon. The product development follows the Infineon V – model based development lifecycle which encompasses all ISO26262 required activities and work products related to the product scope. Product relevant safety requirements and required metrics are captured and verified through the development of the product, this includes the product safety concept and ultimately a product safety case  which provides the argumentation and evidence showing achievement of the defined safety requirements and process compliance, including all essential supporting processes.

An independent functional safety management organization supports the ISO26262 conform safety lifecycle. For ISO26262-compliant products a Safety Manual and a Safety Analysis Summary Report are available* in addition to Infineon standard documentation.

Moreover Infineon offers expert support for system integrators to achieve the required ASIL on system level. Infineon’s activities result in a simplified integration in safety-related applications.



Pre-/post-regulator concept: boost and buck/LDOs and trackers for

  • μC (main, ADC/reference, StBy)
  • Transceivers
  • Sensors

Integration of functional safety (features supporting ASIL-D)

  • UV/OV-monitoring
  • Flexible watchdogs
  • Error-monitoring
  • Safe state controller with 2 outputs
  • BIST



  • Efficiency and flexibility
  • Enables ASIL-D on system level
  • Easy ISO26262 implementation by full documentation set​




  • Engine Management
  • Transmission
  • Transfer Case
  • Integrated Starter Generator


  • Battery Management
  • Inverter
  • DCDC
  • Charger


  • Electrical Power Steering
  • Electr. Steering Column Lock
  • Braking, Electr. Parking Brake
  • Active Suspension
  • Chassis Control
  • Domain Control
  • ADAS Domain Control


Block diagram

Infineon TLE35584 block diagram



Parametrics TLF35584QVVS1
Budgetary Price €/1k 2.69
Comments Automotive Safety PMIC , companion power IC for Aurix™ MCU and peripherals, Buck/Boost PreReg ; 3linear PostRegs (µC, RefLDO, TRX) ; 2 tracker ; StBy-LDO ; ISO26262-compliant ; Safety Features
IQ max 1300.0 mA; 600.0 mA; 150.0 mA; 200.0 mA
Iq 70.0 µA
Inhibit Yes
Mounting SMT
Operating Temperature min / max -40.0 °C / 150.0 °C
Operating Voltage min / max 4.0 V / 35.0 V
Protect Yes
Regulator Type Safety PMIC
Reset Yes
Tolerance 2%
VQ (multiple) 5.0V
Watchdog Window-WD & Functional-WD


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