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Infineon TLE9015QU

The TLE9015QU is a general purpose transceiver IC to be used in battery systems

Infineon TLE9015QU general purpose transceiver IC - front and back side

The TLE9015QU is a general purpose transceiver IC to be used in battery systems to enable the communication between the main host microcontroller and the cell supervision ICs which are usually connected to the battery module potential. The IC is designed for Li-Ion battery packs used in full hybrid electric vehicles (FHEV), plug-in hybrid electric vehicles (PHEV), battery electric vehicles (BEV) as well as in mild hybrid electric vehicles (MHEV) and stationary Lithium-Ion batteries. Additionally to the physical layer translation, the TLE9015QU offers the possibility to communicate potential errors detected in a cell inside the battery pack to the main microcontroller. The TLE9015QU is qualified for automotive applications according to AEC-Q100.



  • General
    • Two UART ports for serial communication to host microcontroller
    • Two iso UART interfaces for communication to other BMS ICs
    • 2 Mbit/s data rate for fast communication
    • Fully transparent communication scheme from UART to iso UART
    • Ring mode topology compatible
  • Communication ports
    • Integrated internal logic to minimize pin count on the UART side
    • Differential current edge triggered iso UART communication interface
    • High robustness against external noise
  • General purpose error pin
    • Two external fault inputs (EMM and ERRQ_ext)
    • Latching error output pin to trigger external microcontroller
  • Supporting diagnosis features
    • Internal supply monitoring
  • Green product (RoHS-compliant)



Parametrics TLE9012AQU
Input Vcc min / max 4.75 V / 45.0 V
Voltage Class 45.0 V


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