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Infineon TLE6389-3G V50

TLE6389-3G V50 - step-down DC-DC switching controllers providing high efficiency over 1mA - 2.5A loads

Infineon TLE6389-3G V50 in PG-DSO-14 package

The TLE6389 step-down DC-DC switching controllers provide high efficiency over loads ranging from 1mA up to 2.5A. A unique PWM/PFM control scheme operates with up to a 100% duty cycle, resulting in very low dropout voltage. This control scheme eliminates minimum load requirements and reduces the supply current under light loads to 120μA, depending on dimensioning of external components. In addition the adjustable version TLE6389-2GV can be shut down via the Enable input reducing the input current to <2μA. The TLE6389 step-down controllers drive an external P-channel MOSFET, allowing design flexibility for applications up to 12.5W of output power. A high switching frequency and operation in continuous-conduction mode allow the use of tiny surface-mount inductors. Output capacitor requirements are also reduced, minimizing PC board area and system costs. The output voltage is preset at 5V (TLE6389-2GV50 and TLE6389-3GV50) and adjustable for the TLE6389-2GV. The version TLE6389-2GV50 features a reset function with a threshold between 4.5V and 4.8V, including a small hysteresis of typ. 50mV. In the version TLE6389-3GV50 the device incorporates a reset with a typ. 1V hysteresis. Input voltages of all TLE6389 can be up to 60V.



  • Input voltage range from < 5V up to 60V
  • Output voltage: 5V fixed
  • Output voltage accuracy: 3%
  • Output current up to 2.3A
  • 100% maximum duty cycle
  • Less than 120μA quiescent current at low loads1
  • Fixed 360kHz switching frequency
  • Frequency synchronization input for external clocks
  • Current Mode control scheme
  • Integrated output under voltage Reset circuit (threshold: 3.65 V)
  • On chip low battery detector (on chip comparator)
  • Automotive temperature range -40°C to 150 °C
  • Green Product (RoHS compliant)
  • AEC qualified



  • Suitable as well for truck systems (24V-net)
  • Low drop-out by 100%DC
  • Suitable for permanently Vbat-connected systems
  • Reset generator controlling µC



  • Body
  • Cluster
  • General purpose


Block diagram

Block diagram of Infineon's TLE6389-3G V50



Parametrics TLE6389-3G V50
Budgetary Price €/1k 1.06
Comments Automotive Step-down PMOS controller, suitable for truck applications
IQ max 2300.0 A
Iq 130.0 µA
Inhibit Yes
Mounting SMT
Operating Temperature min / max -40.0 °C / 150.0 °C
Output Current Type Buck Converter
Protect Yes
Tolerance 3%
VQ (multiple) 5.0V
Watchdog No


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