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Infineon TLE5309D E1211

The TLE5309D is a diverse redundant angle sensor with analog outputs

Front side of Infineon's TLE5309D angle sensor

The TLE5309D combines a Giant Magneto Resistance (GMR) sensor for full 360° angle range with an Anistropic Magneto Resistance (AMR) sensor for high precision in a flipped configuration in one package. Sine and cosine angle components of a rotating magnetic field are measured by Magneto Resistive (MR) elements. The sensors provide analog sine and cosine output voltages that describe the magnetic angle in a range of 0 to 180° (AMR sensor), and 0 to 360° (GMR sensor), respectively.

The differential MR bridge signals are independent of the magnetic field strength, and the analog output is designed for differential or single ended applications.

The output voltages are designed to use the dynamic range of an A/D-converter using the same supply as the sensor as voltage reference. Both sensor ICs are supplied independently by separate supply and ground pins.



  • Separate supply pins for AMR and GMR sensor
  • Diverse redundant design with one GMR sensor (top die) and one AMR sensor (bottom die) in one package
  • Low current consumption and very fast start up
  • 360° contactless angle measurement
  • Immune to airgap variations due to MR based sensing principle
  • Operating temperature: -40°C to 125°C (ambient temperature)



The TLE5309D angle sensor is designed for angular position sensing in safety critical automotive applications. Its high accuracy and 360° measurement range combined with short propagation delay makes it suitable for systems with high speeds and high accuracy demands such as brush-less DC (BLDC) motors for actuators and electric power steering systems (EPS). At the same time its fast start-up time and low overall power consumption enables the device to be employed for low-power turn counting. Extremely low power consumption can be achieved with power cycling, where the advantage of fast power on time reduces the average power consumption.

  • BLDC motors for electric power steering (EPS)
  • Low-power turn counter



Parametrics TLE5309D E1211
Applications Automotive ASIL
Budgetary Price €/1k 2.65
Interfaces Analog
Online Simulation
Package Dual SMD
Programmable No


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