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Infineon KP236N6165

KP236N6165 - miniaturized analog barometric air pressure sensor IC based on a capacitive principle

Infineon KP236N6165 Analog Barometric Air Pressure Sensor IC - top side

The KP236N6165 is a miniaturized Analog Barometric Air Pressure Sensor IC based on a capacitive principle. It is surface micromachined with a monolithic integrated signal conditioning circuit implemented in BiCMOS technology. The sensor converts a pressure into an analog output signal. The calibrated transfer function converts a pressure range of 60 kPa to 165 kPa into a voltage range of 0.2 V to 4.8 V. The chip is packaged in a “green” SMD housing. The sensor has been primarily developed for measuring barometric air pressure, but can also be used in other application fields. The high accuracy and the high sensitivity of the device makes it a perfect fit for advanced automotive applications as well as in industrial and consumer applications.



  • High precision pressure sensing (± 1.0 kPa)
  • Ratiometric analog output
  • Large temperature range (-40 °C to 125 °C)
  • Broken wire detection
  • “Green” 8 pin SMD housing
  • Automotive qualified


  • Automotive applications
  • Industrial control
  • Consumer applications
  • Medical applications
  • Weather stations
  • Altimeters


Parametrics KP236N6165
Accuracy +/-1.0kPa
Interfaces Analog
Pressure Range min / max 8.7 psi / 23.9 psi ; 60.0 kPa / 165.0 kPa
Supply Voltage min / max 4.5 V / 5.5 V
Temperature min / max -40.0 °C / 125.0 °C @ 70.0 µA 


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