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Infineon IAUC100N08S5N043

IAUC100N08S5N043 - 80V Automotive MOSFET targeting 48V applications like Power Distribution, DCDC and 48V Auxiliaries

Front and back side of Infineon's IAUC100N08S5N043 automotive MOSFET

Infineon’s 80V and 100V MOSFETs perfectly support hardware engineers in the rapidly growing 48V Electronic Control Units (ECU) market. The MOSFET family is offered in different package types covering high power 48V applications like starter generator, DCDC and battery switches, medium power like 48V e-Turbo and e-climate compressors as well as lower power 48V auxiliaries.

The IAUC100N08S5N043 is an 80V Automotive MOSFET in 5 x 6 mm² SSO8 package with an RDS(on) of 4.3mR. Next to others it is targeting 48V applications like Power Distribution, DCDC and 48V Auxiliaries.



  • Lowest RDS(on) MOSFETs down to 3.1mR (80V) and 4.0mR (100V) in 5x6 SSO8 package
  • Low package resistance and minimized stray inductance
  • Variety of package and RDS(on) options for different application power requirements
  • Tightened VGS thresholds



  • High power and current density
  • Optimized switching behavior
  • Reduced conduction losses
  • Paralleling of MOSFETs



  • 48V Power Distribution
  • 48V auxiliaries
  • e-Turbo
  • e-climate compressor


Competitive advantage

  • Open source host code on github
  • Turnkey solution for fast and easy system integration
  • Zero-touch provisioning – unique credentials preprogrammed per chip
  • Advanced asymmetric cryptography (ECC & RSA) in a single-chip solution
  • AES128-CCM encrypted communication between the host and the security controller
  • Fast and easy access to any cloud provider thanks to pre-personalized certificates



Parametrics IAUC100N08S5N043
ID (@25°C) max 100.0 A
Operating Temperature min / max -55.0 °C / 175.0 °C
Polarity N
QG (typ @10V) 43.0 nC
RDS (on) (@10V) max 4.3 mR
VDS max 80.0 V
VGS(th) min / max 2.2 V / 3.8 V
Package SSO8 (PG-TDSON-8)


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