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Infineon 1ED020I12FA2 EiceDRIVER™

1ED020I12FA2 EiceDRIVER™ Automotive - Galvanic isolated single channel IGBT driver IC

Infineon 1ED020I12FA2 EiceDRIVER™ - front side of the product sample

The 1ED020I12FA2 is a galvanic isolated single channel IGBT driver in PG-DSO-20 package that provides an output current capability of typically 2A.

All logic pins are 5V CMOS compatible and could be directly connected to a microcontroller. The data transfer across galvanic isolation is realized by the integrated Coreless Transformer Technology.

The 1ED020I12FA2 provides several protection features like IGBT desaturation protection, active Miller clamping and active shut down.



  • Coreless transformer isolated driver
  • Basic insulation according to DIN EN 60747-5-2, pending
  • Integrated protection features
  • Suitable for operation at high ambient temperature
  • Automotive Qualified
  • 2A rail-to-rail output
  • V(cesat)-detection
  • Active Miller Clamp



  • Cost effective technology
  • Compact design​



  • Electric drive train
  • Commercial, construction and agricultural vehicles (CAV)
  • Motor control and drives


Block diagram

Block diagram of Infineon's 1ED020I12FA2 driver IC



Parametrics 1ED020I12FA2
Budgetary Price €/1k 2.38
Channels 1.0
Configuration High-side
Input Vcc / max 20.0 V / 20.0 V
Isolation Type Galvanic isolation - Functional
Output Current (Source) / min 2.1 A / 1.5 A
Output Current (Sink) / min 2.1 A / 1.5 A
RthJA 139.0 K/W
Turn Off Propagation Delay 165.0 ns
Turn On Propagation Delay 170.0 ns
UVLO Output (On) 12.0 V
UVLO Output (Off) 11.0 V
Voltage Class 1200.0 V


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