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Allegro Microsystems - ACS37612 Current Sensor IC

The ACS37612 from Allegro Microsystems is a linear magnetic field sensors for current measurement selection tree.

Allegro ACS37612 package picture

The Allegro ACS37612 current sensor IC provides economical, precise and non intrusive solutions for AC or DC current sensing without the need of external field concentrator or shield.

The device uses two hall plates to achieve a differential measurement immune to external stray fields. When AC or DC current flow in a PCB copper trace or in a busbar, the device senses the field difference between its two hall elements H1 and H2, represented by field components B and B+. The output of the ACS37612 will be proportional to the differential field sensed, which is proportional to the applied current.

The relation between applied current and generated field depends on the PCB or busbar design, allowing the user to measure hundreds of Amps.

  • Typically 100 to >400A on PCB
  • Typically 400A to >1000A on busbar

Features and benefits

  • 250kHz bandwidth
  • Differential hall sensing rejects stray magnetic field
  • Chopped hall plates with very low offset drift
  • High sensitivity range up to 16mV/G
  • AEC Q100 automotive grade 0 expected
  • Works for PCB and busbars applications
  • 10mV/G and 15mV/G samples available now
  • Demo board with busbar and with current through PCB

Target markets and applications


  • High voltage traction inverters
  • Auxiliary inverters for integrated
  • Starter generators (iBSG)
    • 12V and 48V systems
    • Direct connect or belt driven systems.
  • Battery disconnect junction boxes
  • Disconnect and smart fuse functions
  • DC/DC converter
  • Switching power supplies
    • DC/DC converters
    • DC/AC inverters
  • Grid infrastructure and power distribution

Selection guide

Part Number Differential magnetic input Range, (G) Sensitivity Sens (Typ.) (mV/G) Nominal supply voltage (V) Temperature
ACS37612LLUATR-010B3  +/- 135 10 3.3 -40°C to 150°C
ACS37612LLUATR-010B5 +/- 200 10 5 -40°C to 150°C
ACS37612LLUATR-015B5 +/- 200 15 5 -40°C to 150°C
ACS37612LLUATR-015U5 +/- 200 15 5 -40°C to 150°C

Evaluation boards

Allegro offers evaluation boards for current flowing through the PCB or Busbar. For current flowing through the PCB, three different copper traces dimensions are offered accommodating different current ranges. All PCBs are populated with ACS37612LLUATR 010B5 (sensitivity =10mV/G, Bidirectional and Vcc =5V). Using ICs programmed to a different setting would enable the sensing of different current ranges.

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