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ROHM - Super Junction MOSFET for Efficient Power Conversion

PrestoMOS™: Super Junction MOSFET with built-in FRD from ROHM Semiconductor

Rohm Superjunction MOSFETs chip images

ROHM's PrestoMOS™ series is ideal for power supplies with integrated inverter. Advanced fast recovery diode is implemented in body diode of the MOSFET, which reduces switching loss and improve efficiency in system level. Standard packages: TO-220FM, TO-247, DPAK and D2PAK are available.

Key features

  • Fast recovery diode is implemented
  • Soft recovery with less ringing
  • High robustness against parasitic turn on
  • External FRD is not needed

ApplicationsRohm Superjunction MOSFETs block diagram

  • Solar inverter (Power Conditioner) 
  • Motor applications considering energy saving
  • Lighting devices
  • White goods considering energy saving


PrestoMOSTM JN series 600V

  • Part number R60xxJNx
  • FRD is implemented in body diode of MOSFET
  • Best-in-class fast & soft recovery body diode
  • Suitable for inverter application
  • Max. current up to 70A
  • Packages: TO-220FM, TO-247, TO-3PF, D2PAK, DPAK

Application circuit example

Example of an application circuit with ROHM PrestoMOS™


Standard Super Junction MOSFET for Power Supply

Super Junction-MOS EN series 600V / 650V
  • Part number R60xxENx (600V) & R65xxENx (650V)
  • Low switching noise and easy to use
  • Usable for SMPS
  • Max. current up to 76A
  • Packages: TO-220FM, TO-247, TO-3PF, D2PAK, DPAK
Super Junction-MOS KN series 600V / 650V / 800V
  • Part number R60xxKNx (600V), R65xxKNx (650V) & R80xxKNx (800V)
  • Fast switching and low switching loss
  • Usable for high efficiency SMPS
  • Max. current up to 76A (600V, 650V) and 52A (800V)
  • Packages: TO-220FM/AB, TO-247, TO-3PF, D2PAK, DPAK

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