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Renesas RV1S9x60A Optocoupler Family

RV1S9160A/9060A/9960A - a high noise tolerant 15Mbps photocoupler family with low threshold input current and enables high temperature operation

Renesas RV1S9x60A Optocoupler Family product samples

Today’s Industrial equipment trend is toward smaller footprints and greater energy conservation to address environmental issues and save costs. Along with this, the temperature rise that results from a high-density PCB layout and the noise generated due to high-speed power devices creates problems for system designers. The RV1S9x60A photocouplers solve these problems to withstand harsh operating environments with three key features: low threshold input current (IFHL), high operational temperature, and high noise tolerance to protect microcontrollers and other logic circuits from high voltage transients when the photocoupler transfers high-speed input signals.

The products of this optocoupler family are available in a variety of packages for a given reinforced insulation, and minimum creepage distance to ensure safe operation: 

  • Small (SO-5)
  • Small and 8mm creepage (LSO-5)
  • Long-creepage 14.5mm (LSDIP)


  • Low threshold input current reduces power consumption, allowing the photocoupler drive circuit to suppress heat generation in the system power supply. (RV1S9160A 2.0mA, RV1S9060A 2.2mA, RV1S9960A 3.8mA)
  • High common-mode rejection (up to 50kV/μs) reduces board layout design time and reduces noise measure costs.
  • High operating temperature enables layout space savings by mounting the photocoupler near the IGBT or MOSFET power device


  • General power inverter (DC to AC)
  • AC servo motor control-
  • PLCs
  • Robot arm controller
  • Solar and wind input power conditioner
  • Battery management for energy storage and charging systems


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