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Renesas PMBus enabled DC-DC power modules

The ISL8210M/12M/80M/82M power modules integrate a PWM controller, inductor, power MOSFETs, and passive components into one small package.

Renesas PMBus ISL82xxM power module product image

The single-channel synchronous step-down complete power supplies are capable of delivering 10A or 15A of continuous current. Operating from a single 4.5V to 16.5V wide input power rail and integrating the controller, power inductor and MOSFETs, the new module family is optimized for space-constrained and battery-operated applications. All are pin-to-pin compatible allowing a system designer to choose the appropriate current rating and PMBus capability without modifying their circuit board layout.

With high efficiency, selectable light load mode (PFM), and low thermal resistance, the ISL8210M/12M/80M/82M family permits full power operation without any heatsink over most conditions. These modules utilize Renesas’ proprietary R4TM control technology with inherent feed-forward that provides best-in-class fast load and input voltage transient response.  Excellent loop stability with internal compensation simplifies design.  The output voltage is fully stable with all ceramic capacitance.  Digital PMBus-capable ISL8280M/82M can further optimize the control loop and provide extensive telemetry.

Offered in a compact RoHS-compliant thermally-enhanced 12mm x 11mm x 5.3mm GHDA (Grid High Density Array) package, the ISL8210M/12M/80M/82M only requires a few external components to operate with its pin strapping configuration technology providing a very high power density solution.  Renesas GHDA technology is a significantly thermally superior structure compared to Renesas’ competitors, allowing true use of full output current capability.


  • Industrial/Medical
  • Servers/Storage
  • FPGA/DSP/Graphics Cards
  • Telecom
  • Power Grid
  • Test and Measurements

Evaluation tools

The ISL82xxM power modules also have four new kits available.  The evaluation boards are designed for evaluating each of the ISL82xxM single channel step-down, synchronous DC/DC power supply modules, capable of delivering up 10A and 15A of continuous current.


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