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ON Semiconductor NCP51820

NCP51820 - High performance, 650 V half bridge gate driver for GaN power switches

Front and back side of ON Semi's NCP51820 Half Bridge Gate Driver

The NCP51820 high-speed gate driver is designed to meet the stringent requirements of driving enhancement mode (e−mode) and gate injection transistor (GIT) GaN HEMT power switches in offline, half-bridge power topologies. The NCP51820 offers short and matched propagation delays as well as −3.5 V to +650 V (typical) common mode voltage range for the high−side drive. To fully protect the gate of the GaN power transistor against excessive voltage stress, both drive stages employ a dedicated voltage regulator to accurately maintain the gate-source drive signal amplitude. The NCP51820 offers important protection functions such as independent under−voltage lockout (UVLO) and IC thermal shutdown.


  • 650 V, high side and low side gate driver
  • Fast propagation delay of 50 ns max
  • Matched propagation delay of 5 ns max
  • 200 V/ns dV/dt Rating for all SW and PGND Referenced Circuitry
  • Separate source and sink output pin
  • Regulated 5.2 V gate driver with independent UVLO for high side and low side output stages
  • QFN 4 mm x 4 mm 15 pin packaging and optimized pin out


  • Design margin for AC/DC design
  • Suitable for high frequency operation
  • Increased efficiency and allow paralleling
  • Robust design for high switching frequency application
  • Allow control of rise and fall time for EMI tuning
  • Optimum driving of GaN power switches and simplify design
  • Small PCB foot print, reduced parasitic, suitable for high frequency operation


  • Resonant converters
  • Half bridge and full bridge converters
  • Active clamp flyback converters
  • Totem pole bridgeless PFC


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