New Product Introduction

ON Semiconductor USB AC-DC 4-Port 200W Universal Offline

The 4-Port USB-PD Source includes the FUSB307 PD Port Controller, the FUSB252 HV Protection Switch, and the NCP81231 buck controller.

Top view of ON Semi's STR USBC 4PORT 200W evaluation board

The universal 200W AC/DC supply uses the NCP1399 LLC controller, the NCP1615 PFC, and NCP4305 secondary SR controller providing a highly efficient front-end solution. All ports are 100W capable with a total max system power limited to 200W using our First Come First Served power management algorithm. The Strata software provides powerful controls to test power profile configurations such as optional "assured" port 1 power, experiment with various fault and fold back features, and monitor system telemetry while charging various load devices. Design collateral such as schematics, PCB layout, test reports, etc. are supplied in the same Strata interface to ease evaluation.



  • Four USB Type-C Outputs
  • Supports USB Power Delivery up to 100W Per Port
  • Available connectors on ON Semi's STR USBC 4PORT 200W boardPower Management Algorithm to Intelligently Deliver 200W Across Four Ports
  • Default PDO’s = 5V, 7V,8V, 9V, 12V, 15V, 20V at 5A
  • Input and Output Power Monitoring
  • Thermal Protection, Overcurrent Protection



  • Consumer Electronics
  • Computing
  • Point of Sale
  • USB Type-PD Systems​


Block diagram

ON Semiconductor STR USBC 4PORT 200W block diagram


Key products

NCP81231 – Synchronous Buck Controller

  • Graphic presentation of NCP81231 pins in 5x5mm QFN32 packageWide Input Voltage Range: from 4.5 V to 28 V
  • Dynamically Programmed Frequency from 150 kHz to 1.2 MHz
  • I2C Interface
  • Real Time Power Good Indication
  • Controlled Slew Rate Voltage Transitioning
  • Feedback Pin with Internally Programmed Reference
  • High Resolution DAC Voltage
  • Two Independent Current Sensing Inputs
  • Support Inductor DCR Sensing
  • Over Temperature Protection
  • Adaptive Non−Overlap Gate Drivers
  • Filter Capacitor Switch Control
  • 100% Duty Cycle Operation
  • Latched Over−Voltage and Over−Current Protection
  • Dead Battery Power Support


FUSB307B USB-PD Port Controller – dedicated USB-C port controller for USB Power Delivery

  • Block diagram of ON Semi's USB307B USB-PD Port ControllerUSB−PD Interface Specification Rev 1.0 Ver. 1.2 Compatible
  • USB Type−C Rev 1.3 Compatible
  • USB−PD Rev 3.0 Ver. 1.1 Compatible
  • Fast Role Swap
  • Sink Transmit
  • Extended Data Messages (Chunked)
  • Dual−Role Functionality
  • Manual Type−C Detection
  • Automatic DRP Toggling
  • USB−PD Interface Specification Support
  • Automatic GoodCRC Packet Response
  • Automatic Retries of Sending Packet
  • VBUS Source and Sink Control
  • Integrated 3 W Capable VCONN to CCx Switch
  • 10−bit VBUS ADC
  • 4 Selectable I2C Adresses


FUSB252 Type-C Port Protection Switch – CC1/2 and D+/D- OVP switch to protect against a short to VBUS (up to 20V)

  • Block diagram of ON Semi's FUSB252 Type-C Port Protection Switch20V DC protection on CC1/2
  • 16V DC protection on D+/D-
  • Full USB Type-C port protection
  • Integrated D+/D- MUX
  • Low Power Operation: Icc = 9uA (typical)
  • Small 1.8 x 2.6mm package


Full ON Semi BOM content

Power Management Discrete   Analog, Logic & Timing Optoelectronics & Sensors
FPF1504 2V7002W MMBT3906L CAT24C512HU5 FODM1008
FPF2194 BAS20H MMDL914 LM393D N34TS04
NCP4305DMNTWG FDMS86550 NSR20F20NX    
NCP4640H033T1G MBR2H200SF S1JFL    
NCP4641H050T1G MBR560MFST1G S3JB    
NCP705MT33TCG MM3Z20VT1G SESD7L5.0    
NCP81239MNTXG MM3Z30VT1G SZESD7241N2    
NCV890200 MM5Z5V6T1G