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NPS30xx - differential, digital, low pressure, ultra-low power sensors

NPS30xx is the last NXP family of digital differential pressure sensor in a tiny 4x5mm LGA package with ceramic lead frame. 

This complete family offers low pressure measurement (NPS3000VV = +/500Kpa, NPS3001DV = 0/1Kpa, NPS3002VV = +/-2Kpa, NPS3005DV = 0/5Kpa) combined with absolute accuracy down to 3Pa. It also offers an ultra-low power consumption down to 3.1uA in a measurement mode.

On top of using the serial SPI or I²C interface, user can also benefit from embedded interrupts to trigger wake up based on various configuration of pressure and/or temperature change – and therefore significantly reduce system power.

This family is targeting 2 different markets :

  1. Heating, Ventilation and  Air conditioning market, used as flow sensor when combined with a Venturi element or simple obstruction made by a filter or a fan. The very good offset stability and high accuracy are key parameters here. More specifically, wireless smart filter with a BLE connectivity is a new application that can be targeted thanks the  low power capability
  2. Medical market for e-inhaler, drug delivery and CPAP machine. The NPS30xx pressure sensor piezo resistive element is actually protected by a bio-compatible gel coating that will facilitate medical certification.  Again interrupt capabilities and low power performance together with very small form factor are the key criteria’s here.


Device Accuracy from 0 to 60°C with auto calibration Accuracy range
Min Max
NPS3000VV ±3 Pa -500 Pa 500 Pa
NPS3001DV ±3 Pa 0 1000 Pa
NPS3002VV ±5 Pa -2000 Pa 2000 Pa
NPS3005DV ±5 Pa 0 5000 Pa


Evaluation tools

  • Freedom board: FRDM-KE15Z
  • Shield board: FRDMSTBIDP300x

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