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NXP MC33GD3000 Three-phase Gate Driver IC

NXP's GD3000 is a gate driver IC for three-phase motor drive applications providing The device provides three half-bridge drivers, each capable of driving two N-channel MOSFETs.

NXP LPC804 MCU chip image

The device can operate of a single power supply with a wide range from 6V to 60V with 75V transient protection.

The IC interfaces to a MCU via six direct input control signals, a SPI port for device setup and asynchronous reset, enable and interrupt signals. Both 5.0 and 3.0 V logic level inputs are accepted, and 5.0 V logic level outputs are provided.

  • Supports 1A to 2.5A peak current capability
  • Uses a bootstrap gate driver architecture with trickle charge circuitry to support 100% duty cycle
  • Uses programmable cross-talk protection when the high-side or low-side MOSFET is switching to prevent flow of current
  • Integrated VDS sensing of the high-side and low-side MOSFETs is used to protect the external power stage against over-current conditions
  • Includes a current shunt amplifier for accurate current measurement for phase error detection
  •  56-pin QFN

Differentiating points

  • Wide voltage operating range, powerful gate to drive for high gate charge (Q) MOSFETs & fast switching speeds for scalability
  • Protection against transient spikes and reverse charge injection and full fault monitoring for safety
  • Hardware and Software enablement tools for easy development start-up with S32K144 or MPC5744P automotive MCUs
  • Internal charge pump and small package to allow reduced PCB size for size-sensitive applications

Block diagram

NXP GD3000 Block Diagram


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