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NXP FS6500

FS6500 - fail silent system basis chip with DC/DC up to 2.2A on Vcore

NXP FS6500 chip image

The NXP FS6500 system basis chip (SBC) provides power to MCUs and optimizes energy consumption through DC/DC switching regulators, linear regulators and ultra-low-power saving modes. Featuring:

  • Advanced functional safety measures
  • A serial peripheral interface (SPI) to allow control and diagnostics with the MCU
  • Integration of CAN FD and LIN physical interfaces compliant with the ISO 11898-2,-5, LIN 2.2, 2.1/J2602-2 standards along with the latest automotive OEM standards for EMC and ESD
  • A range of integrated safety features such as monitoring of critical analog parameters, a failsafe state machine and an advanced watchdog reduce software complexity with dual-core lock-step MCUs.

Differentiating points

  • Efficient Dual DC/DC supply, from 0.5A up to 2.2A; Buck pre regulator with optional Boost to fit with LV124
  • Configurable Safety architecture allowing independent monitoring of critical parameters and system availability; Independent fail safe state machine supporting highest functional safety standards
  • CAN FD and CAN-Less family of products supporting a wide range of system scalable solutions.
  • System integration: Analog Multiplexer, battery sensing, long duration timer and keep alive memory supply to reduce BOM
  • Availability: voltage operation from 2.7V up to 36V
  • Ultra Low Power Modes (30µA), -50% versus competition
  • High-temperature capability up to TA = 150 °C and TJ = 175 °C, compliant with AECQ100 Grade 0 automotive qualification


  • Electrical power steering, engine/battery management
  • Active suspension, gear box, transmission
  • EV, HEV, inverter, ADAS
  • Automation (PLC, robotics), medical (infusion pump, stairs)
  • Building control (lift), transportation (military, mobile machine)

Block diagram

NXP FS6500 block diagram


48V electrical system and loads

The 48V electrical system is the key technology for electrification, ADAS and new comfort features.

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