New Product Introduction

Nexperia Trench Schottky Rectifier in CFP packages

Ideal for automotive, industrial, consumer and computing applications, Nexperia's Schottky rectifier portfolio in CFP meets the challenging demands of efficient and space-saving designs.

Nexperia CFP15 Schottky Rectifiers - samples of various packages

Clip-bonded FlatPower (CFP) packages with high power capabilities offer a true alternative to SMA, with better thermal performance.

Selected types


Key technical features and portfolio

  • New portfolio with 60V & 100V Trench Schottkys
  • AEC-Q101 qualified (175°C Tj)
  • Existing portfolio offers up to 15 A forward current
  • SOD123W (CFP3), SOD128 (CFP5) and SOT1289B (CFP15B)


Design benefit

  • Smallest form factor, PCB space saving
  • Highest efficency by electrical peformance
  • Improved thermal robustness - reduced risk of thermal runaway
  • Best balance between forward voltage and reverse current


Advanced CFP packaging

  • Solid copper clip for high thermal performance and power dissipation
  • Reduced package inductance for improved switching behavior
  • Innovative silicon and reduced package resistance for better electrical performance


Functions & applications

  • Rectification in power supply (e.g. USB/PD)
  • DCDC conversion
  • Reverse battery protection 
  • Or-ing (several supply sources)
  • Free wheeling diode



Automotive Solutions

Consistently delivering the right functionality, with the right performance, in the right package is how Nexperia is helping ‘driving efficiency’ win.

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