New Product Introduction

Nexperia BUK9J0R9-40

BUK9J0R9-40H - Trench 9 superjunction technology in LFPAK56E package

Nexperia BUK9J0R9-40 in LFPAK56E package

Nexperia’s latest AEC-Q101 Trench 9, 40 V automotive superjunction MOSFETs in the rugged, electrically- and thermally-efficient LFPAK56 deliver improved performance and reliability along with a footprint reduction of up to 81% when compared to traditional solutions.

As well as reducing RDS(on) to below 1 mOhm, the new devices feature an improved DC current rating of 220 A – a first for the automotive Power-SO8 footprint. This enables higher power density on a small footprint, particularly valuable for safety-critical automotive applications requiring dual redundant circuitry. The use of superjunction technology also delivers a higher Avalanche capability and Safe Operating Area (SOA) for improved performance under fault conditions.

  • Growing number of standard level MOSFETs, ranging from 0.9 mΩ to 3.5 mΩ
  • Improved DC current rating of 220 A – a first for the automotive Power-SO8 footprint
  • Higher Avalanche capability and Safe Operating Area
  • Automotive AEC-Q101 qualified.  Exceeding 2x Q101 testing on key reliability tests:
    • TC – temperature cycling
    • HTGB – High temperature gate bias
    • HTRB – High temperature reverse bias
    • IOL – Intermittent operating life

Key benefits

  • Improved power density with lower RDS(on) in same footprint (0.9 mΩ)
  • Improved efficiency through lower RDS(on) and improved switching performance
  • Exceptional single shot and repetitive avalanche performance, improved SOA
  • Replacement for DPAK and D2PAK alternatives provides up to 81% space efficiency


  • Motor control (Brushed and Brushless)
  • Power steering
  • Transmission control
  • ABS and ESC (electronic stability control)
  • Pumps: water, oil & fuel pumps
  • Fan speed control
  • Reverse battery protection
  • DC/DC converters


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