New Product Introduction

Mercury Systems TRRUST-Stor® VPX RT

TRRUST-Stor® VPX RT- radiation-tolerant large geometry SLC NAND

Mercury Systems TRRUST Stor SLC NAND

Mercury Systems introduces second generation of space-qualified Solid State Drives in 6U SpaceVPX form factor

The new device delivers enhanced versatility with improved error correction code (ECC) and both Serial RapidIO® and Peripheral Component Interconnect Express (PCIe®) host interfaces. As the first space-qualified storage devices leveraging the SpaceVPX standard for agile interoperability, the TRRUST-Stor VPX RT family enables accelerated system design directly addressing the growing demand for low Earth orbit (LEO) satellites and mission critical systems operating in radiation-intense environments.

In terrestrial environments, the NAND flash memory devices used in a traditional SSD device are prone to data corruption without the use of ECC. In radiation-exposed environments, data corruption is vastly accelerated due to the occurrence of single-event effects (SEE) and total ionizing dose (TID) degradation which negatively impact the functionality of the NAND flash memory used in the device.

To counter these damaging effects, Mercury has improved the ECC performance of the original 3U TRRUST-Stor VPX RT device. With 30% more error corrections built-in, the Company’s new 6U device integrates high-reliability defect mitigation thereby enabling normal read and write operations in the presence of harmful ionizing radiation. Additionally, the new SSD features redundant NAND flash to further improve long-term reliability and data integrity.

Recognizing that no two missions have identical requirements, Mercury’s new device is built on a platform to readily enable cost versus performance customization. New product variants can be quickly realized where the ECC, spare device count, user capacity and power consumption are optimized for specific programs. The scalable manufacturing and test resources of the Company’s Advanced Microelectronics Centers assure a seamless transition of custom product variants through volume production.

Key features

  • Mercury’s 2nd generation proprietary SpaceDrive NAND controller
  • 6U SpaceVPX form factor
  • Radiation-tolerant solid state storage
  • Up to 1 TB large geometry SLC NAND flash
  • RAID0, RAID1 or cold store mirror capability

Block diagram

Mercury Systems TRRUST Stor SLC NAND block diagram

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