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ISSI - CS8964 Motor Control

The CS8964 is a microcontroller with extensive peripherals suitable for a wide range of applications including Automotive

ISSI CS8964 Evaluation Board

The CPU utilizes an enhanced 1-cycle 8051 core equivalent to ten times the speed of a conventional 12-T 8051. The total on-chip memory includes a 2KB SRAM and 64KB embedded flash memory that can be used as program memory which may also serve as the flash memory. The 8051 core has built-in T0/T1/T2/T3/T4/T5 timers and a 30-bit watchdog timer. Embedded in the CPU core are also a full-duplex UART ports, one I2C master/slave and one I2C pure slave controllers, up to 28 GPIO pins with each GPIO pin configurable as external interrupt and wake up.

The flexibility in clock setting includes an on-chip precision oscillator with the accuracy deviation of +/-2%, or a slow power internal 100K Hz oscillator, and an external 4MHz to 24MHz crystal oscillator, or an ultra-low power precision real time clock (RTC). Unused clock sources can be disabled or used as GPIO pins for system optimization. The clock selections are combined with flexible power management schemes, including PMM, IDLE, and STOP, SLEEP modes to balance CPU speed and power consumption.

On-chip peripherals include one SPI control interface, one I2C master/slave and one I2C pure slave controllers. A Programmable Counter Array (PCA) with 6 channels of Capture/Compare/PWM modules can be used for varieties purposes controlling external devices. There is an additional 3 channel complementary 16-Bit center-aligned PWM for driving various kinds of motor.

Analog peripherals include a high performance 12-Bit Analog to Digital Converter (ADC) with 3.5us conversion time, 4 analog comparators with programmable threshold levels, and a 10-bit Voltage Output Digital to Analog Converter (VDAC).

CS8964 also provides a flexible means of flash programming that supports ISP and IAP. The protection of data loss is implemented in hardware. Access restriction on critical registers and low supply voltage detection allow reliable operations under harsh environments. The code security is reinforced with sophisticated writer commands and ISP commands. The on-chip break point processor also allows easy debugging which can be integrated with ISP. 


  • Automotive motor control
  • Battery operated systems
  • Home appliances
  • Industrial control

Features related with motor control

  • 16-bit PWM Controller
    • 3 channels of center aligned PWM with complementary output
      • Good for SVPWM driving
    • Dead time setting
      • Prevent high side and low side MOSFETs from turning on at the same time
    • Emergency control
      • Hardwired signal to disable all PWM outputs in case of over current or other special condition
  • 4 analog comparators
    • Two 8-bit programmable DAC for internal threshold or external threshold can be used
    • Linked to PWM16 module for OCP protection
      • Hardwired emergency to disable all PWM outputs
    • BEMF detection for sensorless application
  • 12-Bit monotonic SAR ADC
    • Used for supply voltage, operating current and/or temperature measurement
    • 1 channel with a built-in 7X PGA
      • Applied to current sense without additional OP amplifier
    • 15 inputs multiplexed with GPIO
    • On-chip temperature sensor
    • 2 S/H channels triggered by PWM16 or software
  • 16-bit PCA and 6 channel of CCP modules
    • Capture/Compare/Timer Mode
    • 8-Bit and 16-bit PWM Mode
      • Could be used for trapezoidal driving
    • 8-Bit PWM resolution for Windowed PWM Mode
      • Could be used for SVPWM driving
    • Could be used for PWM signal capture or 2nd Motor driver


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