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Infineon - CoolGaN™ 600 V e-mode HEMTs and GaN EiceDRIVER™ ICs

Infineon adds GaN (gallium nitride) to its power portfolio. CoolGaN™ and GaN EiceDRIVER™ ICs: Cutting-edge performance with excellent reliability.

Infineon CoolGaN™ components

The next essential step towards an energy-efficient world lies in the use of new materials and technologies. Wide bandgap semiconductors enable greater power efficiency, smaller size, lighter weight, lower cost, or all together. 

Infineon is uniquely positioned in the power semiconductor market, mastering all power technologies from silicon (Si) like CoolMOS™ SJ MOSFETs and IGBTs to wide bandgap materials like silicon carbide (SiC) and gallium nitride (GaN). Its CoolGaN™ devices will significantly enhance designer’s ability to deliver the compact, high performance power systems of the future.

Take now the opportunity to discover Infineon’s newly launched portfolio of CoolGaN™ switches in SMD packages. Perfectly combinable with parts of the dedicated, single-channel, functional and reinforced isolated GaN EiceDRIVER™ IC family. Enter a new era of efficiency with Infineon.


  • The most reliable GaN-based solution, delivering highest performance amongst all available GaN devices
  • Manufacturing expertise throughout the entire supply chain
  • Global application design support
  • Broad portfolio including switches and drivers


  • Perfect choice for high frequency and high power density applications
  • Industry-leading solution for target applications
  • GaN EiceDRIVER™ ICs for excellent robustness and efficiency
  • High quality volume supply that enables faster time-to-market
  • Reduced BOM costs and overall system cost

Infineon CoolGaN™ 600 V e-mode component imgageWith CoolGaN™, Infineon launches a GaN enhancement mode high electron mobility transistor (e-mode HEMT) portfolio with industry-leading field performance enabling rugged and reliable systems at an attractive overall system cost. 

The e-mode concept is a single-chip solution and hence facilitates further integration either on the chip or package level. Infineon brought its enhancement mode concept to the maturity, required for demanding applications, delivering at the same time the highest performance among all available GaN HEMTs.

GaN switch performance features low charge and excellent dynamic performance in reverse conduction compared to silicon FET options. Infineon’s CoolGaN™ 600 V impresses with highest PFC efficiency (>99.3% for 2.5 kW PFC) and highest density for same efficiency (>160 W/in³ for 3.6 kW LLC with >98% efficiency).

The CoolGaN™ portfolio is built around high performing bottom- and top-side cooling SMD packages supporting high frequency operations. Lower parasitics and good thermal performance guarantee to fully exploit the benefits of GaN.

Target applications

  • Servers
  • Hyperscale datacenters
  • Telecom
  • Wireless charging
  • Chargers
  • Adapters
  • SMPS

Product portfolio

RDS(on) max. DSO-20-85
Bottom-side cooling
Top-side cooling
DFN 8x8
35 mΩ IGO60R035D1** IGOT60R035D1** IGT60R035D1** -
70 mΩ IGO60R070D1 IGOT60R070D1 IGT60R070D1 IGLD60R070D1
190 mΩ     IGT60R190D1S*
340 mΩ       IGLD60R340D1**

*Standard grade
** Coming soon

Drive high voltage gallium nitride (GaN) HEMTs with the most robust and efficient single-channel isolated GaN EiceDRIVER™ ICs on the market.

Infineon GaN EiceDRIVER™ componentInfineon’s newly launched GoolGaN™ switches portfolio is easy-to-use thanks to a perfectly matching gate driver IC portfolio. By introducing the GaN EiceDRIVER™ IC family, Infineon extends its range of one-channel galvanically-isolated gate driver ICs. The new components with high gate current for fast turn-on and robust gate-drive topology have been developed to optimize the performance of enhancement mode GaN HEMTs with non-isolated gate (diode input characteristic) and low threshold voltage. Resulting, driver complexity has been significantly reduced (medium effort for design-in) as no more customized drivers are needed.

Target applications

  • High-voltage bridgeless totem-pole PFC stages and high-voltage resonant LLC stages in telecom and server SMPS
  • Active-clamping flybacks in AC adapters
  • Three-phase motor drivers
  • Class E wireless charging
  • Class D audio amplifiers

Product portfolio

  Package Input to Output Isolation Propagation Delay Accuracy Typ. High level (Sourcing) Output Resistance Typ. Low level (Sinking) Output Resistance
  Isolation class Rating Surge testing Certification  
1EDF5673K  13-pin LGA 5x5 mm functional VIO = 1. 5 kVDC n.a. n.a. -6 ns /+7 ns
0.85 Ohm 0.35 Ohm
1EDF5673F 16-pin DSO 150 mil functional VIO = 1.5 kVDC n.a. n.a. -6 ns /+7 ns
0.85 Ohm 0.35 Ohm
1EDS5663H 16-pin DSO 300 mil reinforced VIOTM = 8 kVpk VISO = 5.7 kVrms VISOM > 10 kVpk VDE0884-10, UL1577 -6 ns /+7 ns 0.85 Ohm 0.35 Ohm


High-efficiency GaN switched mode power supply (SMPS)

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CoolGaN™ 600 V GaN EiceDriver™ IC

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