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Diodes PI6CG18xQ & PI6CB184Q

PI6CG18xQ & PI6CB184Q - automotive compliant PCIe 4.0 clock generators and buffers

Diodes Incorporated PI6CG18xQ/ PI6CB18xQ teaser image

The PI6CG18xQ is a family of AEC-Q100 qualified low power PCIe Gen4 clock generators with 2,4 and 8 outputs.

These devices use a 25MHz crystal or CMOS reference input to generate multiple 100MHz HCSL outputs with on-chip terminations. The on-chip termination saves 4 external resistors for each output and board space. An additional buffered reference output is provided to serve as a low noise and synchronous reference.

The PI6CB184Q is an AEC-Q100 qualified low power PCIe Gen4 clock buffer with 4 outputs. This buffer includes on-chip termination and also individual output enables for improved power management.

Both of these Diodes Incorporated clock generators and buffers are packaged in specially designed wettable/sidewalled QFN packages to enable automated visual inspection and testing in automotive production environment.

Features & benefits

Automotive Compliant (AEC-Q100) PCIe 4.0 clocks supports ambient temperatures up to +105ºC

  • On-chip termination
    BOM savings of 4 resistors/ output pair (up to 32 resistors)
  • Wettable flank/side-wall plated QFN packages
    Meets automotive requirements for visual inspection
  • Programmable slew rate and amplitude
    For design flexibility
  • Individual output enables and 1.8V power supply
    For better power management and lower power consumption
  • Extended temperature range support -40 to +105ºC (Grade 2)
    Full portfolio of timing solutions supporting PCIe Gen 4 from clock generators, buffers to crystals and oscillators


  • Electrical Control Unit
  • Navigation
  • Telematics
  • Head Unit
  • Infotainment
  • ADAS
  • NVME/ Storage


Product portfolio

Part Number  Function # of
Temp Range Package AEC-Q100
PI6CG182Q Generator 2 1.8V -40 to +105°C 24-TQFN (4 x 4mm) 2
PI6CG184Q Generator 4 1.8V -40 to +105°C 32-TQFN (5 x 5mm) 2
PI6CG188Q Generator 8 1.8V -40 to +105°C 48-TQFN (6 x 6mm) 2
PI6CB184Q Buffer 4 1.8V -40 to +105°C 32-TQFN (5 x 5mm) 2


Ordering information

Part Number Package Code Packaging 7” Tape and Reel
Quantity Tape & Reel
PI6CG182Q2ZDQEX ZDQ 24-TQFN V-QFN4040-24 3,000 X
PI6CG184Q2ZHQEX ZHQ 32-TQFN W-QFN5050-32 2,500 X
PI6CG188Q2ZLQEX ZLQ 48-TQFN V-QFN6060-48 3,000 X
PI6CB184Q2ZHQEX ZHQ 32-TQFN W-QFN5050-32 2,500 X

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