New Product Introduction

Alliance Memory AS4C256M16D4 and AS4C512M8D4

Alliance Memory has expanded its product offering with a new line of high-speed CMOS DDR4 SDRAMs - AS4C256M16D4 and AS4C512M8D4

Front and back sides of Alliance Memory's AS4C256M16D4 and AS4C512M8D4 CMOS DDR4 SDRAMs

Compared to DDR3 SDRAMs, Alliance Memory’s new 4Gb DDR4 SDRAMs reduce operating voltages from 1.5V to +1.2V (±0.06V) to increase battery life in portable electronics such as notebook computers, smartphones, and tablets. 

For increased efficiency and performance in desktop computers and servers, the 256Mb x 16-bit AS4C256M16D4 and 512M x 8-bit AS4C512M8D4 offer up to 16 memory banks and deliver faster clock speeds to 1333MHz for extremely high transfer rates of 2400Mbps/pin (1200MHz) and 2666Mbps/pin (1333MHz).

With minimal die shrinks, the DDR4 SDRAMs provide reliable drop-in, pin-for-pin-compatible replacements for numerous similar solutions — eliminating the need for costly redesigns and part requalification.


Key specifications and benefits

  • Low power consumption of +1.2V (±0.06V)
  • Offered in 96-ball and 78-ball FBGA packages
  • Internally configured as 8 banks x 256Mb x 16 bit and 16 banks x 512Mb x 8 bit
  • Fast clock speeds of 1200MHz and 1333MHz
  • Extremely high transfer rates of 2400Mbps/pin and 2666Mbps/pin
  • Available in extended commercial (0°C to +95°C) and industrial (-40°C to +95°C) temperature ranges
  • Support sequential and interleave burst types with read or write burst lengths of BL8/BC4/BC4 or 8 on the fly
  • Auto pre-charge function provides a self-timed row pre-charge initiated at the end of the burst sequence
  • Easy-to-use refresh functions include auto- or self-refresh
  • JEDEC- and RoHS-compliant
  • Lead (Pb)- and halogen-free



  • Portable electronics
  • Desktop computers
  • Servers for industrial, medical, IoT, automotive, gaming, and consumer applications


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