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Torex XCL225/26

Torex XCL225/26 - the industry's smallest 18V Buck DC/DC with integrated coil

Simplifed image of Torex XCL225/26 chip series

The XCL225/26 is a 18V synchronous buck converter with integrated coil and CoolPost structure which provides a high performance and space saving solution for demanding customer applications. Thermal performance is enhanced by the unique CoolPost structure and exposed thermal pad package. Ultra-low quiescent current ensures high efficiency also at light load conditions. Control mode can be chosen between fixed PWM or automatic PWM/PFM modes. Superior performance is further complemented by a fold-back type current limiter, adjustable soft start and power good output.

Key features

  • Smallest-In-Class Integrated Coil Package
  • Wide 3.0V to 18V Input Voltage Range 
  • Up to 500mA Output Current
  • Adjustable 1V to 15V Output Voltage Range 
  • 100% Duty Cycle​

Key benefits

  • Integrated Coil Package
    • More than 50% PCB Area Savings
    • Minimised Radiated Noise (EMI)
    • Reduced Design Complexity
  • Ultra-Low IQ and High Efficiency at Light Load Conditions
    • 12.5µA in Sleep Mode
    • 1.65µA in Standby Mode 
  • Enhanced Thermal Performance
    • CoolPost Structure
    • Exposed Thermal Pad Package
    • Ta: -40°C ~ +105°C


  • Industrial IoT (Smart Factory)
  • Security & Home Automation
  • Utility Metering
  • Portable Devices Powered from 2s- 4s Li-Ion
  • Replace Inefficient Linear Regulators
  • General Purpose Point of Load for 12V Systems

CoolPost package structure

Block diagram of Torex 225/26 series

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