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Torex XCL220B

Torex XCL220B – portfolio of high speed step-down (Hi-SAT COT) micro DC-DC converter modules with integrated inductor

Torex XCL220B component image

The XCL219/XCL220 series is a synchronous step-down micro DC/DC converter which integrates an inductor and a control IC in one tiny package (2.0mm×2.5mm, h=1.0mm). An internal coil simplifies the circuit and enables minimization of noise and other operational trouble due to the circuit wiring. A wide operating voltage range of 2.5V to 5.5V enables support for applications that require an internally fixed output voltage (0.8V to 3.6V).

The XCL219/XCL220 series uses synchronous rectification at an operating frequency of 3.0MHz. The XCL219/XCL220 series uses HiSAT-COT (*) synchronous rectification. HiSAT-COT+PWM control (XCL219) or HiSAT-COT+automatic PWM/PFM switching control (XCL220) can be selected. The series have a high speed soft-start as fast as 0.3ms in typical for quick turn-on. With the built-in UVLO (Under Voltage Lock Out) function, the internal P-channel driver transistor is forced OFF when input voltage becomes 2.0V or lower. When CE=Low, the integrated CL discharge function which enables the electric charge at the output capacitor CL to be discharged via the internal discharge switch located between the LX and VSS pins. The power consumption will be less than 1.0µA. (*) HiSAT-COT is an original Torex term for High Speed Transient Response.

Features & benefits

  • High Speed COT Architecture.
  • Extremely Fast Load Transient Response.
  • Low Output Voltage Ripple.
  • PFM & PWM Modes of operation.
  • 3MHz Operation in PWM Mode
  • PFM Mode increases Efficiency at light load conditions.
  • Integrated Coil reduces conducted EMI.
  • Integrated Coil minimizes total solution size.
  • Only 2 small ceramic capacitors are required.
  • Extended temperature range -40 ˚C to 105˚C
  • Only 1mm in height
  • Small 2.00 x 2.5mm package
  • Capable of supplying 1A Load Current


  • Ideal for Li-Ion batteries and 2 or 3 cell alkaline battery applications
  • Supports use from 5v and 3.3v System rails
  • Used extensively in RF Applications to minimize unwanted noise
  • Applications where PCB area is critical
  • Ideal replacement for LDO Regulator to obtain improved efficiency with similar solution size

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