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STMicroelectronics STUSB4500

The STUSB Type-C power delivery controller, STUSB4500, enables fast and easy migration to Type-C

STMicroelectrtincs STUSB4500 chip image

The STUSB4500 is a USB power delivery controller that addresses sink devices. It implements a proprietary algorithm to allow the negotiation of a power delivery contract with a source without MCU support (auto-run mode). PDO profiles are configured in an integrated non-volatile memory.
The device supports dead battery mode and is suited for sink devices powered from dead battery state and requiring high power charging profile to be fully operational.
Thanks to its 20 V technology, it implements high voltage features to protect the CC pins against short-circuits to VBUS up to 22 V and to support high voltage on the VBUS pins directly connected to the VBUS power path up to 28 V.


  • Auto-run Type-C™ and USB PD sink controller
  • Dead battery mode support
  • Up to 3 sink PDO configurable profiles
  • Dual high power charging path support
  • Integrated VBUS switch gate drivers (PMOS)
  • Integrated VBUS voltage monitoring
  • Internal and/or external VBUS discharge paths
  • Short-to-VBUS protections on CC pins (22 V)
  • High voltage capability on VBUS pins (28 V)
  • Dual power supply (VSYS and/or VDD):
    • VSYS = [3.0 V; 5.5 V]
    • VDD = [4.1 V; 22 V]
  • Debug accessory mode support
  • Temperature range: -40 °C up to 105 °C
  • ESD: 3 kV HBM - 1.5 kV CDM
  • Certified:
    • USB Type-C™ rev 1.2
    • USB PD rev 2.0 (TID #1000133)
  • Interoperable with USB PD rev 3.0


  • Printers, camcorders, cameras
  • IoT, drones, accessories and battery powered devices
  • LED lighting and industrial
  • Toys, gaming, POS, scanner
  • Healthcare and handheld devices
  • Any Type-C sink device

STMicroelectronics STEVAL-ISC005V1 board imageSTEVAL-ISC005V1 - Evaluation board for the STUSB4500 USB Power Delivery controller

The STEVAL-ISC005V1 evaluation board is a ready-to-use USB PD sink based on STUSB4500. It handles the USB PD negotiation with a source to enable one or more charging paths.
An L7985 device ensures step-down conversion from the negotiated VBUS sink input to output a 5 V regulated supply which optionally allows powering an MCU evaluation board or any other system.

STSW-STUSB002 - Graphical User Interface for STUSB45

The STSW-STUSB002 is a free graphical interface (GUI) aimed at customizing seamlessly the STUSB devices through direct access to non-volatile-memory.
The tool allows NVM area to be read, configured and written without dedicated software skills, thanks to a graphical interface.

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