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Renesas RZ/N1D solution kit

ETHERNET RZ/N1D solution kit: all-in-the-box solution for rapid prototyping of industrial Ethernet protocols

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The CONNECT IT! ETHERNET RZ/N1D solution kit is based on the RZ/N1D, a 5-port, industrial Ethernet communication SoC with an optimal balance between performance and power consumption. The chip features two independent blocks integrated in a single package – a communication block based on the proven multi-protocol R-IN Engine, as well as an application block with a dual ARM® Cortex®-A7 and a variety of peripherals.

The solution kit contains an evaluation board with two Fast Ethernet (MII/RMII) interfaces, NOR flash and DDR3 memory, a USB Device/Host interface and one USB debug/power port. Aside the board, the package contains an USB-driven IAR I-jet Lite including a 20-pin flat ribbon cable. There is a large software bundle with stacks, demo applications and drivers on the RZ/N1 Solution Kit DVD. The document set helps you get the most of the kit, starting with the quick starting guides through setup procedures and user manuals.

Contents of the kit

  • RZ/N1D-DB development board
  • I-jet Lite debugger
  • Comprehensive software and document package on DVD with:
    • BSP with all interface drivers and many sample application projects
    • Linux for Cortex®A7 applications and uItron RTOS with HW-RTOS for Cortex®M3 for industrial communication
      • TCP/IP stack
    • RZ/N1D Device and board documentation with tutorial video

Key features

  • Enhanced operating system flexibility (ThreadX® or Linux – both OS options support the industrial Ethernet protocols implemented on th RZ/N1
  • PLC programming compatible with IEC 61131-3 by CODESYS

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