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Renesas RX65N/RX651 groups

Renesas RX65N and RX651 groups - mainstream RX microcontrollers with RXv2 core

Renesas RX65N / RX651 component image

Enhancing security, flash functionality and HMI for industrial applications with general-purpose MCU

The RX65N and RX651 Groups are new mainstream RX microcontrollers with RXv2 core, large-capacity RAM, and enhanced security, connectivity, and HMI. 

By combining three new features, the RX65N and RX651 groups achieve a high root-of-trust level: the protection of the encryption key by Trusted Secure IP (TSIP), the integration of encryption hardware accelerators, like AES, 3DES, SHA and TRNG as part ot TSIP, and the protection of the boot code by area protection of Flash.

In addition, the flash firmware update is simplified by the dual bank flash integration supporting back ground operation and the SWAP function. The large on-chip RAM of 640 KB allows high-speed processing of heavy loads, enabling rich user interfaces using the LCDC and 2D graphics engine, therefore providing a low cost HMI solution suitable for IoT edge devices. 

For confirmation of the performance of RX65N/RX651, Renesas provides an evaluation environment with their Envision Kit and the Reneses Starter Kit.


  • Image of the Renesas Envision KitMore advanced security on endpoint device in IoT, with general-purpose MCU
  • Easy firmware update by dual bank flash with BGO and SWAP operation
  • Low cost HMI solution, suitable for IoT edge device using small color TFTLCD


  • Industrial Automation, Building Automation (system control and mechanical control)
  • Smart meter (network control)
  • Office automation (system control)
  • General purpose applications

Block diagram

Block diagram for Renesas RX65N/RX651 Groups products

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