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Renesas RX65N/RX651 MCU groups

Renesas RX651 32-Bit microcontrollers with up to 2 MB Flash/640 KB SRAM in 64-Pin packages for space-constrained IoT edge devices

Renesas RX65N / RX651 component image

The Renesas RX65N and RX651 are mainstream RX microcontrollers with RXv2 core, large-capacity RAM, and enhanced security, connectivity and human machine interface capabilities. RX65N and RX651 Group 32-bit general microcontrollers are optimal for IoT devices with enhanced security, connectivity, and HMI.

RX65N and RX651 Group microcontrollers have built-in large-capacity flash and RAM and a wide package lineup, and can be used to control a variety of applications.

Renesas expands the RX651 MCU Group with four new ICs with 64-pin. These MCUs enable security and flash functionality for industrial applications.

Key features

  • RXv2 Core 120 MHz operation (34 CoreMark/mA)
  • 2.7 to 3.6 V operation
  • A wide package lineup : 64-pin (4.5mm x 4.5mm, BGA) to 176-pin
  • Equipped with various communication interfaces such as Ethernet,USB, CAN, SD host/slave interface, and quad SPI.
  • Program Flash up to 2 MB, SRAM up to 640 KB
  • DualBank function convenient for firmware update *1
  • HMI
    • TFT-LCD controller and 2D drawing engine can reduce CPU load at running of LCD display.*1
  • Security
    • Equipped with memory protect functions that protect Flash memory from unintended access to flash
    • Equipped with a trusted secure IP that protects key data from disclosure *1
    • Equipped with various encryption engines : AES, TRNG, TDES *1, RSA*1, SHA*1



  • Industrial IoT
  • Security
  • Connectivity
  • HMI


Target board for RX family

The RTK5RX65N0C00000BR Target Board for RX family provides an entry point to evaluation, prototyping and developing for the RX MCU family. The board incorporates an emulator circuit so the designer can use it for their own application design without the need for further tool investments.


Block diagram

Block diagram

Renesas RX Cloud Kit Connecting to AWS

RX65N Cloud Kit

The RX65N Cloud Kit simplifies secure IoT endpoint device connections to Amazon Web Services (AWS) and makes it easy to get a fast start on designs and connect to the AWS cloud.

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