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Renesas RX24T

RX24T MCU - drive two motors simultaneously

Renesas RX24T series sample

The RX24T Group features a 32-bit microcontroller ideally suited for dual inverter control with a built-in Floating-Point Unit (FPU) that enables it to easily program complex inverter control algorithms. This helps to greatly reduce the man-hours required for software development, overflow management and overall maintenance. RX24T microcontrollers are designed to ensure the highest noise immunity and operate in a voltage range from 2.7 V to 5.5 V, providing the highest reliability for any equipment using inverter. Finally, the RX24T offers good compatibility with the RX62T Group in terms of pin arrangement and software support.

Easy evaluation of the features of RX24T is facilitated by the RX24T Starter Kit. The kit includes an LCD display module, on-chip debugging emulator, and integrated development environment so you can start evaluating the RX24T immediately after opening the box.

RX24T starter kit features

  • Such as IIC and SCI the communication function  can be evaluated.
  • Including sample codes(Sample programs will be available in Renesas Web site). Easy to understand coding technique.
  • Required IBM-PC compatible PC(need USB interface, Processor 1GHz over), OS: Windows 8/7/Vista(other than the listed OS is not supported)

RX24T evaluation board

Renesas RX24T evaluation board marked

Drive two motors simultaneously using RX24T

Watch the video demonstrating how an RX24T reference design can easily drive two 3-phase sensorless motors while simultaneously managing a digital active PFC (Power Factor Correction).

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