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Renesas RX130 MCU group

Renesas RX130 - Cost optimized high performance RX microcontroller with enhanced touch key function

Renesas RX130 series sample

Renesas expands its  RX130 group of microcontrollers with new touch features that are an ideal fit to electronics products used in wet environments, such as kitchen or bathroom.

The new RX130 MCU Group features a capacitive touch sensor, used to improve detection methods over previous products with vastly improved noise immunity, sensitivity and wet-condition capability. As a result, malfunctions have been reduced, and touch keys are now be able to be applied to a variety of materials (e.g. wood, other than the typical acrylic or glass).

The RX130 MCU Group has a lot of built-in functional safety hardware, and can easily support the IEC/UL60730 safety standard for consumer electronics.  This MCU group operates at a maximum voltage of up to 5.5 V and is suitable for applications such as home appliances (washing machine, IH cooking) with touch panel function. These MCUs define a new level of performance with RX v2 core improvements and reduced power consumption. High integration includes improved code flash memory, large embedded RAM, embedded security and HMI support.

The downloadable Workbench6 tool environment for capacitive touch control tuning provides improved sensitivity of capacitive touch design by using enhanced calibration functions.

These MCUs are available in up to 100-pin packages and up to 512KB on-chip Flash memory.

Key features

  • Capacitive touch IP for improved responsiveness, noise immunity, and robustness 
  • Expanded on-chip memory for design future proofing
  • Easy migration path to higher performance Renesas RX MCUs with touch control
  • Robust device evaluation environment for improved sensitivity


  • Home appliances with touch panel functionality
  • Industrial automation

Related kits

  • Renesas Starter Kit – Part Number YRTK5051308S00000BE - Allows a full evaluation of the RX130 including a standalone E2 on chip debugger and including touch keys and sliders (self-capacitive type)
  • Capacitive Touch Evaluation System for RX130 – Part Number RTK0EG0003S02001BJ - For dedicated cap-touch key evaluation. Evaluates various touch functions: 


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