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Renesas RL78/H1D

RL78/H1D - MCU with analog front-end, external signal sampler, sampling output timer detector and integrated LCD controller

Renesas RZRL78/H1D chip image

The RL78/H1D is a new application specific standard product (ASSP) of the RL78 Family of MCU. The RL78/H1D, designed to control systems required for blood pressure measurement with a single chip. It incorporates rich analog functions including high-resolution delta sigma A/D converters, programmable gain instrumentation amplifiers, D/A converters, operational amplifiers, and other circuits required for blood pressure measurement, as well as timers for PWM (pulse-width modulation) control.

In addition to the delta sigma 24-bit A/D converters, the RL78/H1D also provides 10-bit sequential comparison A/D converters that operate asynchronously. This simplifies implementation of systems providing temperature measurement and battery voltage monitoring while measuring the blood pressure.

The rich analog functions make the new ASSP ideal not only for blood pressure monitoring systems but also for a wide array healthcare application including biosensors.

Samples of the RL78/H1D ASSP are available now. Pricing varies depending on the memory capacity, package and number of pins. For example, the R5F11NMG 80-pin LQFP package type with 128 KB flash ROM capacity is priced at US$3.50. The R5F11NMG includes an LCD controller for arm- and wrist-type blood pressure monitors, and a 4mm x 4 mm miniature ball grid array (BGA) package for use in wearable devices. (Pricing and availability are subject to change without notice.)

Renesas REN0765 BPM evaluation kit imageBlood pressure monitoring evaluation kits for RL78/H1D

The new blood pressure monitoring evaluation kit comprises hardware and software elements needed to jump start blood pressure measurement design. The kit includes a pressure sensor, arm cuff, pump, electronically controlled valve, LCD panel, and a reference board that incorporates an RL78 Microcontroller(MCU)-based ASSP.

Key features

  • Complete BPM solution based on RL78/H1D which can be used for:
    • Evaluation: BPM connects to PC GUI over USB and allows for configuring system parameters.
    • Demonstration: BPM profile data reading transferred to mobile app. via BLE.
  • RL78/H1D built-in analog functions are optimized for BPM
  • Kit includes a cuff, pump, solenoid valve, and an LCD along with RY7011 BLE module
  • PC GUI tool allows for setting IIR filter parameters

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