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NXP - MPC577B and MPC577E

MPC577B/E - microcontrollers for industrial battery management

NXP MPC577B/MPC577E product image

The MPC5775B and MPC5775E microcontrollers are a scalable, highly integrated solution for automotive and industrial Battery Management System (BMS) and Inverter applications requiring advanced performance, security, and ASIL-D support.

MPC5775E/B MCUs are 32-bit Power Architecture® based MCUs focused on quality and long-term reliability for Hybrid Electric Vehicle (HEV) and Electric Vehicle (EV).

The MPC5775B/E MCUs are compatible with the MPC5777C MCU and offer performance up to 264MHz/core, CSE security, eTPU timers and provide an ideal migration path for customers using MPC574xx, MPC5674F, MPC5676R and MPC55xx and similar pin count options.


  • Two independent Power Architecture z7 cores operating at 264 MHz on MPC5775E and 220 MHz on MPC5775B
  • Single z7 core in lockstep with one of the main cores, operating at up to 264 MHz on MPC5775E and 220 MHz on MPC5775B
  • 4 MB Flash
  • 512 KB SRAM
  • CSE hardware security module that supports SHE protocol specification and AES-128 encryption
  • 10/100 Mbps Ethernet module that supports IEEE 802.3 networks (MII, MII-Lite, reduced MII, and 7-wire interface)
  • 2x CAN-FD modules and 4x FlexCAN modules
  • 3x eTPU2 timer modules with 96-ch. total for MPC5775E
  • 4x Sigma Delta modules with 20-ch. total for MPC5775E
  • Up to 70-ch. eQADC and 32-ch. eMIOS

NXP E-mobilityMPC5775B target applications

  • Battery Management Systems (BMS) and cell monitoring 
  • DC/DC Voltage Domain Converter 
  • AC/DC Converter

MPC5775E target applications

  • Motor Control Inverters 
  • DC electric motor control 
  • 48V and high-voltage systems


MPC5775E/B Value Drivers


High-performance z7 cores with advanced eTPU programmable motor control timer and analog modules. Including CAN-FD, Ethernet, SPI, and LIN communication peripherals.

Functional Safety:

Targets ISO 26262 up to ASIL-D and IEC 61508 SIL3. Includes lockstep core, Error Correction Coding (ECC), up to 125°C temperature and voltage sensors, clock and fault monitoring (FCCU).


Hardware module (CSE) with encryption/decryption, secure boot and key storage. Security firmware pre-programmed onto devices to simplify production.                            

Software Enablement:

AUTOSAR MCAL, S32 Design Studio support, eTPU software configuration for motor control and production grade SDK.                                                                                 

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