New Product Introduction

NXP LPC804 Series MCUs

LPC804 - NXP entry-level 32-bit Arm®Cortex®-M0+ based microcontroller units at the right price

NXP LPC804 MCU chip image

NXP’s LPC800 series MCUs offer a range of low-power, space efficient, low-pin-count options for basic microcontroller applications.

LPC804, the newest addition to the LPC800 series, is a cost-effective 32-bit Arm®Cortex®-M0+ based MCU upgrade solution to applications that used to work with 8-bit MCUs.

LPC804 overview

LPC804 is a cost-effective Arm® Cortex®-M0+ based 32-bit MCU family operating at CPU frequencies of up to 15 MHz, supporting 32 KB of EEPROM-based flash memory and 4 KB of SRAM. This family features a power optimized core, small footprint in popular packages, and level shifting options thanks to its separate power rails. The peripheral complement of the LPC804 includes a CRC engine, I2C-bus interfaces, up to two USARTs, one SPI interface, capacitive touch interface (cap touch), one multi-rate timer, self-wake-up timer, one general purpose 32-bit counter/ timer, one 12-bit ADC, one 10-bit DAC, one analog comparator, function-configurable I/O ports through a switch matrix, an input pattern match engine, programmable logic unit (PLU), and up to 30 general-purpose I/O pins.


  • Sensor gateways
  • Simple motor control
  • Industrial
  • Portables and wearables
  • Gaming controllers
  • Lighting
  • 8/16-bit applications
  • Motor control
  • Consumer
  • Fire and security applications
  • Climate control

Block diagram

NXP LPC80x and LPC8N04 block diagram


NXP OM40001UL LPCXpresso804 development kit image 

Development tools and ecosystem

OM40001UL – LPCXpresso804 Development Kit

The LPCXpresso804 board enables easy evaluation of the LPC804 MCU, including capacitive touch capabilities and the Programmable Logic Unit (PLU).


Software enablement

Integrated Development Environments (IDE)

  • MCUXpresso IDE
  • IAR® Embedded Workbench
  • Arm® KEIL® MDK

Ordering information

Type number Package name Description Version
LPC804M101JDH20 TSSOP20 Plastic thin shrink small outline package; 20 leads; body width 4.4 mm SOT360-1
LPC804M101JDH24 TSSOP24 Plastic thin shrink small outline package; 24 leads; body width 4.4 mm SOT355-1
LPC804M111JDH24 TSSOP24 Plastic thin shrink small outline package; 24 leads; body width 4.4 mm SOT355-1
LPC804M101JHI33 HVQFN33 HVQFN: plastic thermal enhanced very thin quad flat package; no leads; 33 terminals; body 5 x 5 x 0.85 mm, 33 terminals; body 5 x 5 x 0.85 mm SOT617-11


Ordering options

Type number Flash/KB SRAM/KB USART I2C SPI DAC Capacitive Touch PLU GPIO Dual I/O power supply Package
LPC804M101JDH20 32 4 2 2 1 - yes yes 17 - TSSOP20
LPC804M101JDH24 32 4 2 2 1 1 yes yes 21 - TSSOP24
LPC804M101JDH24 32 4 2 2 1 1 yes yes 20 yes TSSOP24
LPC804M101JHI33 32 4 2 2 1 1 yes yes 30 - HVQFN33