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NXP LPC540XX MCU family

LPC540xx microcontroller based on the Arm® Cortex®-M4 core - high-performance flashless MCU

NXP LPC54000 MCU product image

Offering flashless design and security integration, the LPC540xx family of MCUs combines a 180 MHz Arm® Cortex®-M4 core with a power-efficient and unique architecture, advanced HMI and flexible communication peripherals for real-time performance in the next-generation IoT. Featuring flexibility with a quad SPI flash interface, CAN, graphic LCD and up to 11 channels for FlexComm, the LPC540xx family provides the ability to adapt as requirements change. Compatibility within the LPC54000 series enables the LPC540xx MCU family to provide a seamless migration path for increasing processing power and adding the flexibility of additional advanced peripherals.
For added security, the LPC54S0xx MCU devices (Launching in Q2 2018) in this family provide on-chip hardware AES engine to protect the image content and accelerate processing for data integrity and proof of origin. Data can be encrypted or decrypted by the AES engine using the encrypted key in the OTP or a software supplied key.

Features & Benefits

  • CPU
    • 180MHz* Cortex-M4 with FPU & MPU
  • Memory
    • 360 KB RAM
  • Interfaces for connectivity & sensors
    • Stereo DMIC subsystem 
      • (PDM, decimator, HW VAD)
    • 1x HS USB (H/D) w/ on-chip HS PHY
    • XTAL-less FS USB (H/D)
    • 11 SPI, 10 I2C, 10 UART, 2 I2S channels. Max 11 channels for FlexComm
    • Graphic LCD with resolutions up to 1024x768
    • 10/100 Ethernet (AVB, PTP IEE1588 v2)
    • 2 x CAN-FD controller
    • 2 x ISO 7816 Smart Card Interfaces with DMA support
    • XIP from QSPI via SPIFI
    • External Memory Ctrl (up to 32 bits)
  • Advanced Security 
    • AES-256, SHA-2, RNG
    • HW diversified OTP Key Storage
    • Secure boot using 2048-bit RSA authentication and SHA-2 verification
    • Single and dual-image boot support
    • PUF block that can generate, store, and reconstruct key sizes from 64 to 4096 bits.

For more detailed features, click here to download the product brief.

Target applications

  • Industrial, Building, Energy, General Embedded
  • Consumer, Smart Home & Automation
  • Automotive Aftermarket

Block diagram

NXP LPC540XX MCU family block diagram

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