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NXP Battery Management

NXP’s Battery Management System devices MC33771/MC33772/MC33664 are designed for a variety of applications, like e-mobility with 48 V electrical system, as well as and industrial & consumer.

NXP MC33772 chip image

Trends towards higher cell & pack voltages for HV/EV markets drives enhanced accuracy and functional safety requirements. Falling cost of battery cells leads to higher cost pressure on battery management solutions. The new devices are designed to taking into account those trends and provide the industry's highest performance and accuracy, as well as exceptional configuration flexibility.


Key features


  • MC33771B/MC33772B is a reliable, safe and BOM optimized Li-ion battery management solution (BMS) with low-cost, robust, high-speed isolated daisy chain communication. It is designed for automotive and industrial applications such as HEV, EV , ESS, UPS, etc. being highly scalable, it supports battery packs with 3~210 logic cells in series within one daisy chain.
  • MC33771B/MC33772B has life-time-guaranteed highly accurate ADC conversions for 3~14 differential cell voltages measurement channels, 1 synchronized current sensing, 1 synchronized coulomb counter, and 7 analog input channels. It’s embedded balancing transistors supports up to 300 mA passive balancing, with dedicated timers and integrated diagnostics.
  • MC33771B/MC33772B supports ISO 26262 with single chip ASIL-C and up to ASIL-D safety capability. With comprehensive integrated diagnostics, it enables low BOM & development cost for BMS with high functional safety target.


  • MC33664 is a transceiver physical layer transformer driver designed to conveniently interface a microcontroller to a high speed isolated daisy chain communication network. MCU SPI data bits are directly converted to pulse bit information and transferred to the bus network. The sine wave transmission on the daisy chain network guarantees ultra-low Radiated Emission and robustness.
  • MC33771B/MC33772B works as slave in the daisy chain network. Their response messages use the same structure to send pulse bit information to the MC33664 which is then converted to a SPI bit stream sent back to the MCU. This device is powered by SMARTMOS technology.

Target applications

  • Automotive
    • High-voltage Battery Management System (>800 V)
    • 14 / 48 V Battery Management System
  • Industrial
    • Energy Storage Systems (ESS)
    • Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS)
    • E-bikes, E-scooters


  • NXP FRDM33664B evaluation board imageMC33664 Freedom Kit - FRDM33664BEVB
  • MC33771B Evaluation Kits (14 cell)
    • FRDM33771BTPLEVB (TPL version)
    • FRDM33771BSPIEVB (SPI version)  
  • MC33772B Evaluation Kits (6 Cell)
    • FRDM33772BTPLEVB (TPL version)
    • FRDM33772BSPIEVB (SPI version)



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